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Eastenders 22/10 - Kathy is left reeling from Ian’s bombshell

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 22/10 - Kathy is left reeling from Ian’s bombshell

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 22nd October


Kathy is left reeling from Ian’s bombshell but her guilt grows when he opens up about how much he’s needed her. The pair are interrupted however when Abi arrives and asks for help with a drunken Ben. After tending to Ben, a guilty Kathy finally admits the truth to Ian about Gavin and her plan but how will Ian react? With emotions high, Kathy makes a drastic decision and heads to the police station.

Under the impression Vincent has left her, a broken Kim is comforted by Denise and Patrick and the trio head to The Vic. After receiving a text, Kim heads home where she is surprised by Vincent who has bought a house for his family. An excited Kim accepts the gift but Patrick and Denise arrive and share a harsh reality – whose side will Kim take?

Pam gives Les a chance to explain but as further truths come to light, Pam struggles to hold it together. Meanwhile, Ronnie prepares to meet her sister for a drink but is stunned when she turns up with Dean who forces Roxy to apologise to Denise for their earlier argument. Outside, Kathy warns Ronnie about Dean’s controlling behaviour forcing Ronnie to take matters into her own hands …

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