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Eastenders 25/07 – Sharon tells Linda her future plans

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 25/07 – Sharon tells Linda her future plans© ITV Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 25th July ​


A distraught Sharon invites Linda over and tells her she’s going to pack and flee Walford with Denny. As she and Linda plot her getaway, will Sharon leave the Square?

Bianca is reeling following the incident with the hash brownies and faces a visit from Social Services who want to talk to Tiffany. Liam pressures Tiffany into not admitting where they were from, arguing that they might think they brownies were Carol’s as some people with cancer use cannabis for pain relief. As Tiffany refuses to admit what happened, will Bianca lose her kids?

After talking to Lee, Tina realises what happened to the hash brownies. Tina and Lee are forced to put on false smiles as the rest of her family celebrate Tina and Tosh’s upcoming IVF appointment. But will Tina get away with it?

Elsewhere, Ian continues to discourage Denise from visiting Patrick in an attempt to avoid her discovering his secret but Denise ignores him and visits Patrick anyway. Meanwhile, Stan visits Patrick but Cora avoids going as it brings back bad memories from her past.

Sharon tells Linda her future plans © ITV Pictures
Sharon tells Linda her future plans
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