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EastEnders 25/11 –Alfie and Roxy’s wedding day

by Alison Potter Published on 19/11/2013 at 01:15
EastEnders 25/11 –Alfie and Roxy’s wedding day © BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide – Monday 25th November


It’s the day of Roxy and Alfie’s wedding. Kat arrives at The Vic to collect Tommy and Roxy asks Kat to help her do up her wedding dress. She apologises for the past, making Kat feel incredibly guilty about the kiss.

Encouraged by Bianca, Kat talks to Alfie, but he tells her that their kiss was a mistake and Kat did the right thing to put a stop to it, making Kat more determined than ever to go to Ibiza.

Later at the church, a panicked Alfie stalls things as he confesses his kiss with Kat to Ian. When Roxy arrives at the church, she’s shocked to learn that there’s a hold up – will Alfie get it together in time?

Bianca catches Kat on her way to the airport with Tommy and convinces her to let her drive her there, but really she takes her to the church where Alfie and Roxy are getting married.

Bianca is angry after finding out from David that Terry still spends Christmas with his ex, Nikki, and their children. Carol is furious at David for causing trouble.

Roxy asks Kat to do up her dress © BBC Pictures
Roxy asks Kat to do up her dress
Alison Potter
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