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Eastenders 3/08 - It’s the day of Libby’s birthday party

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 3/08 - It’s the day of Libby’s birthday party

Eastenders​ Episode Guide – Monday 3rd August


It’s the day of Libby’s birthday party and wanting to make everything perfect for her daughter, Denise asks Shirley to leave for the day. Over at The Albert, tensions are high as Vincent warns Phil that things will be changing if Sharon doesn’t start helping more. Later on, Kim arrives to find out what Vincent is up to and is excited to see he has changed the name of the bar to “Pearls”. After telling Buster he no longer needs his help, a guilty Vincent invites him, Shirley and Dean over for Libby’s dinner despite Denise’s earlier request.

Back home, Denise is fuming to find Claudette cooking dinner and they quickly come to blows only for Libby to walk in and spot the commotion. As the party continues, Denise grows increasingly frustrated at the situation and is embarrassed when Vincent buys her daughter an expensive present. When Vincent leaves to check on The Albert, Libby takes a call outside from Chelsea and tells her she’s yet to tell Denise the news… Back at The Albert, a livid Phil attacks Vincent for changing the name of the bar and warns him not to disrespect him again. Buster walks in on the attack but quickly walks away.

Pam continues to insist to Paul that everything is okay but does she believe her own words? Pam later goes to visit Les but finds Claudette there looking at a picture in the newspaper from the centenary event. After a conversation with Ben, Paul apologises to his Nan but she admits she has her suspicions.

Elsewhere, an uncomfortable Jane decides to visit Carol to find out what she knows about the night Lucy died. Back home, Ian and Jane find themselves in an impossible situation when Carol arrives and asks for more shifts in order to pay for a new solicitor for Max.

Dean grows frustrated when Roxy insists on keeping their relationship a secret but after encouragement from Dean, Roxy agrees to go to Libby’s party with him.

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