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Emmerdale 07/07 – Declan discovers Charity’s deceit

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 01/07/2014 at 01:00
Emmerdale 07/07 – Declan discovers Charity’s deceit © ITV Pictures

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Monday 7th July


With the failure of the launch still lingering, Charity masks her unease as Declan boasts of their plans to try for another baby. She hides her pills in her laptop case but panics when Jimmy tells her Declan has taken it to the pub and when he discovers his wife’s secret, he is angry to learn of her deceit.

Adam mopes at home and when Moira visits finds herself being accused by her son as the reason for Andy’s accident. At the hospital, Andy hides his pain as Bernice becomes clearly irked by Katie visiting again. Later, he is shocked when Dr Lane tells him he will need a good 4-5 months of recovery but how will Andy cope with the news?

The village has a new visitor in the form of Tracy, a chaotic and commonly dressed woman, searching for Sam. Thrilled she is there, Sam offers her a place to stay but is slightly unnerved when she tells him she wants a favour. Has she got other motives?

Unsettled how their last job went, Donna is shocked when Ross suggests they do it again. Will Donna allow Ross’s charm to lead her into danger again? Priya, Jai and Rishi attend an awkward dinner with a potential husband and his mother. Leyla harangues Declan at just the wrong time. Nicola’s irked to find a chat line bill and immediately assumes it’s from Jimmy.

Declan discovers Charity’s deceit  © ITV Pictures
Declan discovers Charity’s deceit
Emmy Griffiths
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