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Emmerdale 11/11 - Ashley makes a mess of things

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 11/11 - Ashley makes a mess of things

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Wednesday 11th November


Ashley approaches Andy in the cafe to see if he intends to go to the Police, but he denies knowledge of a message. Ashley checks his phone and is shaken to discover he has sent the message to Robert in error, knowing there will now be huge repercussions.

Roberts turns up at the scrapyard and questions Adam who he thinks is responsible for the shooting. He suggests Andy but Adam cannot accept Andy could possibly be responsible for such a crime. Robert rings Andy saying they need to talk and steels himself for a confrontation with his brother. The brothers have a heated exchange with Andy finally making an admission regarding the shooting. Robert is determined to call the police but the phone is knocked from his hand so Robert takes off in his car with Andy in hot pursuit. Soon it’s clear Andy is determined to finish the job he started. When he sets his car off in a face off pointing at Robert’s car. A face off to the death - is history set to repeat himself?

Nicola arrives home and goes straight to Mill Cottage. On discovering her key no longer works she tries to contact Jimmy. Meanwhile he is watching TV with Rodney and misses the call. Nicola storms round to the pub to find out what’s going on. Rodney and Jimmy arrive and Jimmy is left to explain. She’s raging when Jimmy is forced to explain he’s sold her house. Nicola is fuming when she hears where they are now supposed to be living. Soon she’s taking matters into her own hands when she climbs the scaffolding and breaks into her old home which now belongs to Rakesh and Priya. Jimmy watches in horror. Knowing he’s got a rough road ahead if he’s going to make up with his wife.

Nikhil takes Tanya on a tour of the factory. She expresses her concerns about meeting Gennie’s family. Meanwhile Jai plays the ‘annoying big brother’ and set’s about winding Nikhil up.

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