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Emmerdale 12/05 – Pete is unnerved by Debbie

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 12/05 – Pete is unnerved by Debbie© ITV Pictures

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Monday 12th May ​


Debbie squirms as Ross tells Cain some woman threw herself at him last night. Later, Pete is unnerved when Debbie alludes to his previous assault, wondering how she could know. She makes it clear that he should stay from her and the kids from now on. Pete tries to defend himself but ends up turning to Vanessa for comfort. Could Debbie have just pushed Pete into the arms of someone else?

With the salon well underway Bernice wants people for Kerry to practise her pampering on, and Chas is struck with an idea. Later, Charity is pleased at the idea of a spa day. She has some pain but refuses to let the baby get in the way of her day. Later, Chas is horrified when Charity admits she has booked in for a termination. Can he talk sense into her?

Belle wants to make the most out of Sean having secured an empty house. But when Dan and Kerry arrive home unexpectedly, will they be caught out?

Elsewhere Moira is uneasy when Adam explains he caught James snooping around at the farm. But she is relieved to see the money is still where she left it. Meanwhile, James steals one of Adam’s socks.

Pete is unnerved by Debbie © ITV Pictures
Pete is unnerved by Debbie
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