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Emmerdale 16/11 - A spitful Jai has a plan

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 16/11 - A spitful Jai has a plan

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Monday 16th November


Megan worries Nikhil is going to reveal her secret and plans to leave the village before it happens. Jai is furious when Nikhil questions about about Charity, knowing Megan has given the game away. Tanya tells him Nikhol might stay in the village and Jai spikes her drinks so she passes out. Taking her phone, he texts Nikhil pretending to be Tanya, stopping at nothing to get Nikhil out of his life.

Rhona is smitten with Vanessa's baby and is clearly broody, but Paddy is worried about another pregnancy. He is taken aback when Rhona suggests adoption instead.

Lawrence is annoyed that Nicola is still living at Home Farm, especially as Nicola is refusing to forgive Jimmy.

​Robert is devastated when Aaron tells him he hates him, while Laurel decides to move on with her life. ​

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