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Emmerdale 17/08 - Has Megan lost her baby?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 17/08 - Has Megan lost her baby?

Emmerdale​ Episode Guide – Monday 17th August


At the hospital, doctors continue to run tests to check on Megan and the baby, whilst Megan becomes increasingly anxious about her absence from court. Meanwhile, at the court, things are not looking good for Rachel with smug Jai coming across as a considerate and caring gentleman. In the hospital, Leyla is shocked to discover Jai was responsible for planting the drugs on Rachel, and Megan begins to hate herself as the implications of her ‘deal’ with Jai start to hit home. Doctors come to do a an ultrasound. And will the court case continue to go Jai’s way?

Ashley is left troubled when he hears plans of another vicar doing the memorial service. He tells Harriet his parishioners need him, and it’s time he returned to work...

Paddy is stunned when he sees Marlon’s prospective date Julia and is convinced she is a catch, but how will Marlon respond? Later, Laurel tells Marlon he is free to date who he wishes and she makes plans to move out.

Kirin and Belle’s presentation with Rishi goes well and Belle feels empowered when Kirin suggests a celebratory drink. Jimmy admits to Chas he might have to sell the house to keep the business afloat. Bernice is keen to ascertain if Lawrence is gay or not.

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