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Emmerdale 19/11 - What is wrong with Ashley's memory?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 19/11 - What is wrong with Ashley's memory?

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Thursday 19th November


Ashley loses his notebook and can't remember for the life of him what he did with the village hall money. Bob is eventually accused and is hurt when even Brenda doesn't seem to side with him. Bob finds Ashely's notebook and sees all of the instructions inside. He confronts Ashley, who has a shocking confession.

Kerry's furious that Dan called her obese, so when Bernice suggests they exercise Kerry is determined to use the tandem bike. They argue on the bike until Kerry panics as she can't see as the pair of them hit the side of the church.

Rhona is pleased Paddy seems on board with the adoption plan, but Aaron realises he isn't too enthusiastic.

Rishi uses Nikhil to give Jai a job, but how will Jai react when he's given a job on the packing line?

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