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Emmerdale 21/08 - Pete panics when the police arrive

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 21/08 - Pete panics when the police arrive

Emmerdale​ Episode Guide – Friday 21st August


Moira is shocked to hear Ross was left at the edge of a quarry. The police arrive at Butlers Farm and Cain struggles to keep his cool as he is questioned. Emma later admits to Cain she called them and won’t rest until she can prove he was behind her son’s disappearance. When Pete finds out Emma has called the police, his head is left reeling. But matters get more serious when Pete hears the police have found a body and think it may be Ross.

Tracy finds a DVD with Val’s last wishes, but Pollard doesn’t want to watch it. When Diane learns about the DVD, she heads to convince Pollard to watch it. When the DVD shows pictures of his wedding day, Pollard orders it to be turned off and he kicks everyone out as tears stream down his face. Later, Diane says they owe it to Val to watch her last wishes and they need to get hold of the DVD.

Rakesh shows a wad of cash to Jimmy to prove how serious he is about buying Mill Cottage. Will Jimmy accept Rakesh’s offer when he discovers Rakesh has utterly stitched him up?

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