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Emmerdale 25/12 Christmas Day! – Will they or won't they get hitched?!

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 16/12/2014 at 01:45
Emmerdale 25/12 Christmas Day! – Will they or won't they get hitched?!

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Thursday 25th December


Andy and Katie met as childhood sweethearts and ten years ago Robert Sugden was a spanner in their relationship when he and Katie embarked on an affair before her first wedding. Ten years on and Robert still looms large looking set to jeopardise their second happy day…

On the morning of the wedding Diane finds Robert at Jack’s grave and is left deeply troubled as she worries what he will do next. Meanwhile Chas arrives at the house with a hung-over Kerry and there is panic when Kerry starts retching close to Katie’s wedding dress. Meanwhile, a stressed Victoria leaves Robert a voicemail message warning him to stay away from the wedding. Aaron’s heart breaks for her as he sees the upset Robert has caused and decides to confront him about his behaviour. Meanwhile, a drunken Bernice is at a low after her night with Fake Santa and heads with purpose to Andy’s house. Later, at the church, the congregation awaits Katie’s arrival, but will a dramatic entrance by a heartbroken drunk Bernice threaten to halt proceedings? And will Robert’s actions sabotage Andy and Katie’s chance of happiness? The day ends with a very steely Katie giving a serious warning to someone that they will soon be very sorry for what they have done...

Marlon and Laurel are pleased April seems happier until she finds the present Donna left for her and soon Marlon and Laurel are devastated for a sad April. But when Ross arrives with a gift for April her mood perks up and April invites him to stay for Christmas dinner. How will Laurel get through the day with Ross there?

Belle is stunned she has received a tablet computer from Zak and Lisa. But soon she is feeling guilty Gemma’s dad, Dom has also sent her a gift. Later, Belle feels dreadful when she’s driven to damage her tablet and Lisa and Zak are understandably shocked. Belle quickly makes her excuses and leaves to see Lachlan telling them he can help her fix it. When Belle arrives at Home Farm Belle urgently asks if they can take the legal high together but suddenly Chrissie gets home…

At Butler’s farm the atmosphere is tense as Adam and Moira question why Charity is still living with them, but Cain leaves them taken aback by his sharpness as he tries to deflect. Cain arrives at the DIngles explaining that his head is pounding from the non-stop arguing between Charity and Moira and just wants five minutes alone. Later, Moira is frosty; furious Cain didn’t even make it to the wedding leaving her on her own. But is something troubling Cain?

Rishi comforts Megan as she remembers Robbie, admitting to finding her first Christmas without her family very tough. Jai overhears and it gives him food for thought about thinking of him and Megan as family. Later, Megan is left thrown when Jai proposes. But how will she respond?

Jai digs himself in deeper when he lies to Ali, telling her Rachel sent Archie a present but Megan is left feeling terrible seeing how upset Ali is. And Sam is upset to think Rachel doesn’t care about them anymore either.

Emmy Griffiths
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