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Emmerdale 27/07 - Robert's destruction

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 27/07 - Robert's destruction

Emmerdale​ Episode Guide – Monday 27th July


Robert continues to deny the accusations and tries to plead his case to Diane, insisting he is nothing without Chrissie. Later, desperate Robert implores with Chrissie, declaring his love for her. She notes his sincerity but when he tries to comfort her, she angrily pushes him away. Undeterred, Robert returns and again tries to win her round. When Chrissie shows no sign of succumbing to him, Robert leaves, seemingly finally accepting it’s over. But will Robert really back away from his relationship, home and business quietly? Later, whilst alone an edgy Robert makes a call to Harriet, a new plan forming...

Angry Bob and Val arrive back from court. Val and Diane bicker when Pollard suddenly becomes dizzy. He struggles for breath before collapsing, clutching his chest. At the hospital, Val waits outside Pollard’s room and is joined by Diane who offers her support but a scared Val lashes out at her telling her sister to go. Later, Tracy arrives to find a fragile Val sat at Pollard’s bedside. Tracy makes a joke about life insurance, and Val’s mind goes into overdrive...

Moira’s distracted as she reads yet another visiting order from Charity for Cain. Noah arrives home and blames Moira for not being able to see his mum. Ross enjoys watching the conflict he has caused, knowing his plan is taking shape. But later, Ross is frustrated to see his plan flounder. Will Ross’ find another way to cause upset?

Chas finds Andy at Katie’s grave, both struggle with their guilt as they discuss how they let Katie down. Both Brenda and Bob are upset to realise he had forgotten Gennie’s anniversary and it seems there is little hope of the couple reconciling. Awkward Vanessa reveals she's going to leave the village with the baby - but how will Adam respond?

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