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Emmerdale 3/12 - Pollard's fury leads to his arrest

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 3/12 - Pollard's fury leads to his arrest

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Thursday 3rd December


David awakes, still padlocked to the radiator. Pollard heads to court as Nikhil arrives and frees David but is he too late? Chrissie’s found not guilt so an incensed Pollard does his best to wreak his revenge. David arrives just as Pollard’s arrested but how much trouble is he in? Meanwhile an incensed Lachlan is furious at Pollard and tells Gabby they’re breaking in tonight. Once in, he steals Val’s wedding ring and Gabby takes Bernice’s necklace but Lachlan’s not finished there....

Rhona admits she’s concerned her past addiction could get in the way of their adoption proceedings and asks Paddy to drop by Leo’s school. He finds Tess upset in her car and suggests they talk as friends but when Tess unburdens her marriage troubles, the pair realise they want more and go in for a kiss…

Rishi asks Nikhil to go easier on Jai at work and he agrees to bring Priya back. They’re impressed when she secures their deal but she also makes a revelation about Jai.

Doug and Zak’s animosity builds.

Pollard's horrified to see his shrine to Val wrecked and is left angry and upset when he discovers her engagement ring has also been stolen. Pollard rages at David thinking he’s responsible. He’s heartbroken as Pollard boards up his house, vowing that no one will touch anything of Val's ever again. Gabby challenges Lachlan over Val's engagement ring and threatens to tell the police but can he tempt her to keep quiet?

Jai's unfazed as Nikhil, Priya and Rishi tackle him over stealing their customers. Leyla rejects Jai's offer of a drink but Nikhil's angered to see the closeness between them and upsets her, leaving him feeling guilty.

Despite feeling guilty for sleeping with Tess again, Paddy is saddened when she suggests it can't happen anymore. He overcompensates with Rhona but is proud when she agrees to be honest with the adoption agency about the addiction. Unable to get Tess out of his mind, he texts her but is left wondering if he's done the right thing…

Dan feels rotten as his teasing leaves Kerry upset but she soon has a smile on her face when Amelia and Dan put on eye patches in sympathy. Robert's pleased when Emma confirms to a shocked Doug that Chas does have PTSD. Doug's grateful as Zak accepts his apology.

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