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Emmerdale 8/12 - Rhona discovers a saucy text

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 8/12 - Rhona discovers a saucy text

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Tuesday 8th December


Paddy returns to the village after spending the night with Tess. Rhona’s still upset with him and tells him it will be a while before she’s ready to talk. Rhona accidentally takes his phone with her as she heads off on a job. Paddy panics when he realises his phone is missing, and Rhona must have taken it. She returns and is about to give it back when a message from Tess comes through. She is stunned to see Tess has sent Paddy a saucy text. How will he get out of this?

Megan, worried people will find out she’s pregnant, resolves to leave the village. She asks Leyla to buy her out of the business. Nikhil offers to loan Leyla all the money she needs to buy out Megan, with zero interest. She is thrilled and begins to see Nikhil in a whole new light. Later, Megan is grateful when Nikhil hands over the money on Leyla’s behalf. She gives him a hug as Sam arrives, his face darkens as he misinterprets the situation. He goes to the pub and tells Jai he has just walked in on Nikhil and Megan, Jai fumes.

The secrecy of Ashley’s dementia, is causing Laurel and Brenda to mistrust Ashley and Bob who are both acting differently. Debbie tells Emma she will never look after Moses again.

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