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Crotch Charms Are Here To Bling Up Your Bikini Bottoms

by Pascale Day ,
Crotch Charms Are Here To Bling Up Your Bikini Bottoms© etsy.com

Apparently simply wearing pants on the beach is not enough anymore. Forget bright colours, screw frills - what you really need is a dingly dangly jewel hanging out of your crotch. Or, at least, that's what Japanese company BoDivas thinks.

Yes, BoDivas have invented what they like to call the Beachtail: a jewellery type thing that hangs out of your underwear. Why? We're honestly not quite sure.

The seemingly unhygienic crotch charm threads through the crotch of your bikini bottoms, and has little 'Swarovski crystals' that dangle down so there's something a lil sparkly to look at. Kind of like a glitzy tampon string for fancy ladies.

But we can't imagine that a metallic chain running through your undies is going to be massively comfortable at the beach - we already have sandy pants to deal with and we can't handle anything else rubbing up against our privates.

Plus, if you're worried about your panty jewellery being nibbled by fish or snagged on some coral when you're enjoying a day at the beach then fear not, because you can also wear your Beachtail with regular pants - there's no hard and fast rule with these shiny fellas.

So if your fanciest pants are in the wash and your want to jazz up your black briefs, then these crotch bijouteries will surely do the trick. The company have described their design as "very original" and "classy", so it must be true - it can only but improve your boring undies sitch.

If you're reading this and thinking yes, I do want an uncomfortable metal chain threaded through the undercarriage of my pants for everyone to see and admire, then you can buy your Beachtail from Etsy for the bargain price of £15.54. Now all you have to decide is which colour your vagina feels like wearing today!

Would you invest in a Beachtail? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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