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Fake Ink: Why We're Obsessed With Temporary Flash Tattoos

by Cliche Wynter Published on 19/09/2014 at 08:00
Fake Ink: Why We're Obsessed With Temporary Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are the latest craze taking over the fashion world. They're golden and shimmery temporary tats that resemble jewelry and read like pieces of art on the body. Need more convincing to give 'em a shot? Here's why we're totally obsessed with Flash Tattoos.

When Beyoncé stepped out on her birthday vacation decked out in golden accessories, we thought they were just that: pieces of jewelry strung around her sun-kissed body. Upon closer inspection we realized that they were in fact temporary tattoos. Ahh, yes, the deception. The beautiful deception!

The shimmery pieces of body art are a part of a growing phenomenon. Think this hot item will cause major damage to your pockets? Guess again. On average, they'll cost you £5-£8, which to be totally honest, isn't the cheapest but is still pretty freakin' affordable.

We love them because they're perfect for commitment-phobes such as ourselves, who have a hard time settling on permanent ink. They'll last a painless 4-6 days depending on how you take care of 'em (be sure to keep the adhesive away from oil-based substances for the best results).

If you're worried Flash Tattoos will cause damage to your skin, rest assured they've passed health and safety standards.

Just position 'em on your skin, apply some water, and you'll be shimmering with your fake ink!

Get Some Flash Tattoo Design Inspiration Here:

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