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You Can Now Buy Pus-filled Spot Earrings To Gross Out Your Friends

by Helen Turnbull ,
You Can Now Buy Pus-filled Spot Earrings To Gross Out Your Friends

Halloween may be 67.5 days away, not that we're counting, but this year will be the year you finally keep the promise to yourself to not leave your fancy-dress costume until the last minute. Enter: pus-filled earrings i.e. the single, most hideous accessory you need to gross out friends and foes come October 31.

Spots are literally the worst. Tell me, what good has ever come from a spot? People who enjoy watching those vile, up-close pimple-popping YouTube videos need not answer. Big or small, they're like an annoying, gross ex-boyfriend who you've poked and prodded many a time to leave you the f*ck alone but still he stays, leaving a permanent mark on your life.

So I'm sure you can sympathise with my struggle to understand exactly why someone's decided to design earrings that look like pus-filled pimples. Vom. These spotty studs appeared on Facebook page Sick Chirpse and after in-depth research (Googling all possible combinations), there's no information on who is responsible for the single, most hideous accessory of 2017 or where you can buy them, if you're so inclined.

People are suitably grossed out, with many labelling the earrings - which can be stuck in any pierced hole, as demonstrated - "vile", "disgusting", "gross" etc. One commented: "Hahahahaha omg I'm spewing! Nae need."

Are these earrings gross or genius? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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