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H&M Have Been Chastised Once Again For Their Tiny Sizes

by Pascale Day ,
H&M Have Been Chastised Once Again For Their Tiny Sizes

Shopping for clothes is one of life's simple pleasures. Finding an outfit that you love and that loves you back, fitting perfectly and being cheap enough not to bankrupt you is a feeling that is unparalleled. So why are H&M trying to ruin that feeling for us, by turning a size 10 into a size 16? Yep, the clothing company have been hit with another sizing scandal after a customer showed the stark difference between Primark and H&M jeans.

There's nothing like not being able to fit into a dress that you love, knowing full well it's your exact size. You may have noticed that, with H&M, that's kind of the case a lot of the time.

Earlier this year, Lowri Byrne called the company out on Facebook in May after, despite being a size 12 and "small busted", she found that she couldn't fit into a size 16 dress - in fact, she even said she "could barely breathe" in the bardot-style H&M dress.


But now the fashion giant has been reprimanded by another customer. Samantha Bell hit out at the company on Twitter after comparing a size 16 pair of H&M jeans and a pair from Primark in the same size, which showed a dramatic difference.

As her pic shows, there's almost a whole hands-worth of difference in the two pairs, with the H&M jeans looking way more like a size 10 than a 16. In a later post she says that the H&M jeans are 5.5 inches smaller. Samantha said of the drastic contrast: "Come on, @hm - you guys NEED to sort this out! H&M 16 (blue) vs Primark 16 (black). Not cool."

Many others were quick to say that they had experienced a similar thing shopping in H&M:

Many women pointed out that, while there's nothing wrong with actually being a size 16, it was confusing to fit into one size in most other shops but jump a few sizes up in H&M, which obviously shows a huge sizing discrepancy for H&M compared to other high street stores. Sort it out please H&M.

Have you had a similar experience with H&M's sizing? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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