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This Woman Makes Vulva-shaped Jewellery Holders And They're The Perfect Feminist Statement

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Woman Makes Vulva-shaped Jewellery Holders And They're The Perfect Feminist Statement

2017 will forever be remembered as the year the humble vagina was catapulted into Internet fame by way of 3D labia nails, vulva pendants and vagina fashion etc. etc. Now the female genitalia has lent its aesthetic to ceramic jewellery holders and they're the ultimate feminist statement.

Meet Laurie Melia: the ceramic artist hoping to normalise the image of the vagina with her body-positive jewellery holders and pendants. The Perth-based creative type's single muse is the female body - using it to make everything from vulva-shaped jewellery holders to similarly-shaped flower pots.

Laurie's Instagram is awash with her female-friendly designs which feature a decorated jewellery plate mimicking the outer lips and full-figured female characters, complete with 3D boobs to store your rings and or earrings. The plate is "hand sculpted from porcelain clay, bisque fired and decorated with underglaze and dipped in a clear glaze solution then fired a second time for the clear glossy finish. Then the gold stars added with 22k gold lustre and the plate is fired for a third and final time", as described on the listing on her website. Unfortunately, they're currently sold out but keep your eyes peeled on Laurie's Instagram for updates on a restock.

That's not where her love for the labia ends though as she also makes vagina-shaped vases and lanterns - the lips are painted pink and form the opening of the vessels. Another highlight of Laurie's collection are the mini labia ladies, designed to be threaded onto a necklace and decorate your décolletage in the ultimate statement of girl power.

Is this feminism gone mad or the ultimate statement of female empowerment? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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