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Karl Lagerfeld's Bodyguard Is The New Face Of The Lagerfeld Brand And He's A Hard 10

by Dagney Pruner Published on 11 November 2014
Karl Lagerfeld's Bodyguard Is The New Face Of The Lagerfeld Brand And He's A Hard 10© Getty Images

It does not surprise us in the least that Karl Lagerfeld's bodyguard is a total smokeshow, we wouldn't expect anything less from the master of fashion. Sebastien Jondeau is getting promoted from Lagerfeld's bodyguard to the new face of his brand, and he's looking damn good doing it.

You can thank us at the end of the post, but please meet Sebastien Jondeau, the gorgeous man that is Karl Lagerfeld's bodyguard and now the brand new poster boy for the Lagerfeld brand:

"We got along well. Mr. Lagerfeld knew I was into various combat sports, and that I boxed. He was interested in what I did, and we were friendly, and so I took a chance one day and told him that if he ever needed a bodyguard, I was available. Soon after, I started working for him—not really as his bodyguard, but more as a kind of driver and right-hand man, although I’d take care of his safety, too, when we were travelling around."

In addition to his perfectly chiseled face, he also happens to have the job of protecting the most coveted man in fashion. Here are some snaps of him being a fashion hero:

© Glamour

He even made this absolutely precious video of his top tips for how to be a good bodyguard... we hope you don't mind subtitles because HE ONLY SPEAKS FRENCH...sigh:


He selfie game is ON POINT:

And he casually dines with Karl Lagerfeld and cute blond children on the reg:

Unfortunately, he's off the market. His madly in love with his "ironwoman" French heiress Jenna Courtin-Clarins. And of course they are perfect together... ugh:

© Instagram

He also recently shot a secret project with Gisele Bundchen that has us very, very curious:

Most importantly, he has a precious cat named Minou who he takes everywhere. We would babysit Minou any day of the week:

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Sebastien as much as we did, you can follow him on Instagram here. We highly recommend it.

Do you think Sebastien is a good pick for the face of Lagerfeld? Tweet at us! @sofeminineUK

This article was written by Dagney Pruner. Follow her on Twitter @dagneyp

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Dagney Pruner
Dagney Pruner - Published on 11 November 2014
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