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8 Reasons Why We're Loving Katy Perry's H&M Xmas Video

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 26/11/2015 at 09:15
8 Reasons Why We're Loving Katy Perry's H&M Xmas Video © H&M

Christmas is just around the corner and we hadn't given it an awful lot of thought. That is before we saw Katy Perry's H&M Christmas campaign! Even Scrooge wouldn't be able to resist the unbridled festive cheer in this advert, and we are in such a Christmassy mood after watching all we want to do is eat gingerbread and watch Elf. Here's why we loved it so much...

1. There's a catchy Katy Perry song!

Forget Jingle Bell Rock or Silent Night, Katy Perry's festive melody will be your new favourite jingle because it just happens to be instantly insanely catchy!

Its official people: 'Every Day is a Holiday' is THE tune for Christmas 2015, and we're so ready to rock around the Christmas tree to it!


2. Katy Perry is the fairy angel of our dreams

Dressed as a festive fairy, the video begins as Katy Perry eventually succeeds in casting a magic spell to bring Christmas to the world and she looks freaking amazing doing it in a sparkly costume with matching wings and hair to boot!

Sure we love her natural dark brown hair (especially with the red jumpsuit in the advert, WOW), but we'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for Katy's green, blue and purple fairy princess locks!

3. There's the man of our dreams in a Christmas jumper

He's shirtless with a Santa hat and he's holding tiny little kittens before clicking his fingers and decking himself out in a Christmas jumper.

4. It's sensationally Christmassy

We don't think we're being too dramatic when we say this is the MOST Christmassy advert we've ever seen. It's like the writer's room came up with a list of everything that was Christmassy, included it in the advert then added ANOTHER layer of glitter to it all.

Christmas trees? Check. Gingerbread people? Check. Nutcrackers? Check.

5. There are dancing Christmas teddy bears

They are called 'Happy' and 'Merry' and are both wearing sweater vests reading: "I'm with Happy" and "I'm with Merry." Katy Perry has upgraded her summer dancing sharks for winter dancing teddy bears, and we love it, especially since Happy and Merry are clearly having the time of their lives. These bears are our spirit animals.

6. It has made us SO excited for Christmas

With the nights getting so much darker and more miserable, we NEEDED this video to remind ourselves what is so great about this season.

​Katy Perry making snow angels while dressed as a toy soldier has seriously cheered us up, never mind how FREEZING it is this time of year!

7. There are dancing Christmas trees on roller skates

That's this year's Christmas fancy dress party sorted! Seriously though, this has to be the happiest advert ever. When else do you see rollerskating Christmas trees clearly having the time of their lives?!

8. We're seriously drooling over the clothes

From snuggly Christmas knits to pretty jumpsuits and brilliant winter outfits for the kids, we've already found what we're buying everyone for Christmas!

Check out our favourite looks from the video...

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Emmy Griffiths
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