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Are These Backless Pants The Worst Thing To Happen To Our Butts?

by Rose Adams ,
Are These Backless Pants The Worst Thing To Happen To Our Butts?

The fashion world never fails to shock, from furry crocs to dresses made of tape and er, meat, so it takes something truly hideous to really make us choke on our lunch. Like these leather pants for example. We're all for experimenting with style - if you've got it flaunt it, after all - but is there really any need for these backless pants? And more importantly, wouldn't your cheeks get cold?

Every now and then, strange things come into our existence that there's absolutely NO need for. Take $60,000 diamond encrusted manicures, or playsuits for men for example. I'm talking about things so bizarre they make you whisper 'wtf' to yourself out loud, with a facial expression that resembles that infamous Nick Cannon meme, you know the one:

Well, prepare to look just as puzzled because these bare faux leather underpants are another example of exactly that. A look so unnecessary it needs to be filed under the same category of 'things we should not put our privates though' immediately, along with the shibue and mint shower gel.

The 'Sexy Bare Faux Leather Underpants', available from Rebels Market for £10.06, are just as hideous as they sound and, we're guessing, squats are out of the question entirely. If chilly cheeks are something you've been meaning to experience, these could be just what your soul's been searching for.

However a pair of pants being sold on the site that we can get down with, are these moggy kickers. You've heard about wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about wearing your moggy on your vagina? Well now you can, thanks to these cheeky undies that are taking the phrase 'pussy power' literally. It's the gift idea that's anything but pants.

Butt-baring leather pants or cats on your clit... my oh my what a time to be alive!

Would you rock backless pants or pussy power undies? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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Rose Adams
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