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Changing Room Rage: Why Trying On Clothes In The Shops Is The Worst

by Lareese Craig ,
Changing Room Rage: Why Trying On Clothes In The Shops Is The Worst© Pinterest via hellogiggles.com

Girls have a love hate relationship with shopping. We love the clothes, hate the hassle. The queues, the mirrors, the judging staff - ugh. But there's one part of the process in particular that can break even the most seasoned shopper - the changing room. Here’s 17 reasons we h-a-t-e trying things on.

Changing rooms. We hate them. They're too small, they smell funny and they always make us break a sweat. It's no wonder we came up with 17 reasons to avoid them. Full stop.

1. The jeans won't go over your ankles

You’ve found the pair of perfect jeans. They’re your size, the right amount of stretchy vs. denim but something’s up with them. They just won’t seem to budge over your ankles/thighs. Waste. Of. Time.

2. You get makeup on a top

Shoot. Do we have to pay for this now? Is that the rule? Not if you just hand it on back to the assistant. It'll wash off!

3. You need to use the big mirror

You try and pluck up the courage to go and use the communal mirror but the thought of walking out in front of everyone = terrifying. Here goes nothing.

4. Someone opens the curtain on you

When a stranger comes in looking for their friend you immediately get nervous: “Sophie, are you in this one?” Did I respond to your call? No, and now you’ve seen my boobs. Thanks for that.

5. Your mum's annoying the hell outta you

If she's not cooing at you to come out when you've got the next outfit on she's flapping around trying to hurry you up. When you’re finally in an outfit and want you mum’s opinion, she comes over and says, “Why don’t you try this instead.” Someone get her out of here.

6. You get dress envy

You see someone try something on and they look incred. Back out onto the shop floor you go. You need that dress.

7. You ask for a different size

When you ask the shopping assistant to get you the next size up. She pretends not to judge but she does. She’s that kind of girl #youshouldtrysears

8. You take in more than six items

You need to go back out to pick up the remaining items you have but that involves getting dressed again and handing the others back. Effort. Damn you six items only, damn you.

9. You can't do up the zip

OK mum, now we need you.

10. Your feet get dusted

The cleaner can't wait, won't wait. She absolutely loves to sweep around you while you’re getting changed. And now you have dust on your feet. Great.

11. You get stuck in a dress

Your arms are up by your ears cutting off all circulation, the zip is nowhere to be seen and your back is getting redder by the second from multiple attempts to tug, rip and claw the dress off your body. But when you finally get it off, oh what a feeling.

12. You catch your skin in the zip

When you get aggressive with a zip that won't do up and then it suddenly decides to behave. Ouch. It hurts so bad.


13. You CBA to put everything back on hangers nicely

You’d rather get evil looks from the assistant than mess around with those stringy ribbon things. Inside out, upside down, slumped over the hanger – that’s how we roll.

14. You need to sort out your goods

You’d think that standing in the queue would be the perfect opportunity to declutter, dump what you don’t want and organise what you’re going to try on first. But that never happens. We wait until we’re right at the front of the queue and then hold everyone else up.

15. You body shame

We challenge any woman who strips off in front of a mirror not to have the ‘what I would change’ monologue. We want these to be longer, this to be more toned and this to just disappear. The madness.

16. You're paranoid your feet smell

It's summer. The changing rooms are 100 degrees and you decided to wear shoes with no socks. Why does this always happen.

17. You question the mirror

It usually goes one of two ways. Is this mirror magic? I look skinnier in this mirror. Can I take this mirror home with me? Or…this mirror is so unflattering eugh. I hate it.

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Lareese Craig
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