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Get Ready To Scare Some Kids At The Pool With This Donald Trump Swimsuit

by Pascale Day ,
Get Ready To Scare Some Kids At The Pool With This Donald Trump Swimsuit© belovedshirts.com

You know the feeling: it's a scorcher, you're at the pool, and you just wanna get a damn spot in that gorgeous cerulean water. We've got the perfect hack to bag you that spot: cannonball into the pool this Donald Trump swimming cozzie on and those pesky kids will soon be out and crying to their mamas.

It's hot. And when it's hot you want to be at the height of fashion round the lido. In this day and age, fashion isn't really fashion unless it comes with a bold political statement, so why not make the wrong and possibly best sartorial declaration with this stunning cozzie adorned with Donny Trump's face spread across the front.

We here at SoFem recently talked about the best swimming costumes to wear this summer but while it can be assumed that this one simply didn't make the grade, the opposite is true: this one is just so extra it needed a page all to itself. Because please, join us, in taking a closer look at this beautiful monstrosity. The way Prez Trump, mouth agape and eyes sitting right on your tatas, seems to make even the most banging body look mildly grotesque as his many chins ripple down towards your nethers.

Oh. 🌎Worldwide shipping 👀Link in bio

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You're tempted, huh. You wanna know where you can gobble up this bad boy. Well, I'll tell you: the swimsuit is made by Beloved Shirts, a company you may recognise for making the infamous hairy one piece that recently made the rounds, and comes in sizes extra small to extra large. The handcrafted cozzie will set you back about $50 (£39.57)

Will you be getting yourself a Donald Trump swimsuit? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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