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Get Your 1920s Fashion Fix With These Downton Abbey Inspired Outfits

by Lareese Craig ,
Get Your 1920s Fashion Fix With These Downton Abbey Inspired Outfits

Downton Abbey is back on our screens at last so what better time to get our vintage glamour game on than now! From elegant 1920s flapper style dresses to sequins and delicate pearls, being a glamour puss is easy when you know how. Don't know where to start? We've got it covered. Your Lady Mary Crawley wardrobe awaits...

  1. · Dresses even the Dowager would approve of
  2. · Waist not want not
  3. · The accessories
  4. · Fashion coated

Downton Abbey is back for one last TV takeover, can we get a collective sob? But just because the trials and tribulations of the Crawley clan are going to be over forever (until they do a film yeah?) don’t think you need to give up your obsession with 1920s aristocracy just yet.

We’ve been scouring the high street for the best Downton Abbey inspired threads, so whether you want to look like traditional beaut' Lady Mary or if you wanna get the Dowager Countess look down pat, we’ve got a spot of 1920s fashion for everyone!

Ready to get a little Crawley in your life? Prepare to get outfit lusting.

Dresses even the Dowager would approve of

From 1926 onwards the flapper girl was in her stride. Load up the sparkle, unleash the glitz and don't for a second hold back on the embellishment. Dressing like a Downton girl means occasion wear is never out of the question. Don't hold back, this is the jazz age after all!

 downton abbey 1920s fashion © http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/
downton abbey 1920s fashion
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Waist not want not

Clothes took on a loose and shapeless fit, the complete opposite of the hyper femininity we saw trending in the 1910s. The waist disappeared, shoulders got broader and the bob was the in-thing. So if you don't fancy yourself a flapper you can always channel your androgynous side instead.

The 1920s was an era of vast change for women's fashion and independence was the trend du jour. The hems got shorter, figure hugging was a major no-no and a boyish figure was very much the Kim Kardashian craze of its time. Try taking a simple signature detail such as a drop waist to give your wardrobe a pinch of vintage charm or do as Mary C does and take a long, waist-less dress and add in a belt below the waist to skim past your hips.

That doesn't mean to say the ladies of the 1920s didn't flash their shoulders when they got the chance - it didn't take long for the iconic spaghetti strap to became their go-to accessory for an evening soiree... check out the deets we'll be stealing to inspire our outfit of the day.

downton abbey 1920s fashion © Topshop
downton abbey 1920s fashion
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The accessories

Have your lady maid dress you for dinner dripping in jewels and no less. It's long beaded necklaces or to bed on an empty stomach. Lady Mary's orders.

When at home, the hats got bigger, more elaborate but for outings and hunting Mary wouldn't be without her bucket hat - it keeps her bob perfectly in place.

The go-to accessories? A set of long silk gloves for dinner at Downton, a skinny scarf fashioned into a knot for a city chic London look á la Edith Crawley and last but not least Coco Chanel's staple fave, pearls pearls pearls.

downton abbey 1920s fashion © John Lewis
downton abbey 1920s fashion
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Fashion coated

Outerwear is all about wrapping up like a boss. Coats came long with a faux fur stole or a wide collar - extra points for matching your lining to your dress! From rich fabrics to silk kimono cuts and embellished hems for occasion wear, what you draped over your dress became just as important as the undergarm. Look to Lady Grantham's signature style for inspo.

downton abbey  1920s fashion © Topshop.com
downton abbey 1920s fashion
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