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#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Media Marmalade

by Lareese Craig ,
#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Media Marmalade

While marmalade might be an acquired taste, Melissa Mould's style serving is the fashion equivalent of your Italian wood-fired pizza. Everybody wants a slice of that. Here's her insight into the world of blogging for business, doing what you love and wearing an A-line denim skirt like a boss. *Featuring one adorable cavapoo puppy* #PuppyPorn. A hashtag too far? Yeah, we know.

From gracing the pages of the most talked about publications including ASOS and Stylist to collaborating with Estee Lauder and French Connection, it's safe to say Melissa Mould AKA Mediamarmalade has already made quite the impression in the blogosphere.

This week, we got chatting to her to find out how she turned one lazy Sunday morning into her best idea yet.

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Why did you set up Media Marmalade?

I set up Mediamarmalade nearly 4 years ago now on a bit of a whim after attending a blogging event with a friend who had started her own blog. She spurred me on to start my own as an outlet to document my out of control shopping addiction. It started on a lazy Sunday morning in October 2011, and from that moment I was hooked, and I’ve blogged every single day since.

The name's great, how did you come up with it?

Mediamarmalade was a name that myself and my family made up over a cup of tea the day I started my blog. I wanted something unique, but personal to me, and also something that stood out and would differentiate my blog. I work in media and as a child my grandpa always called me marmalade… and mediamarmalade was born!

What can people expect on your blog?

Mediamarmalade is a destination for the stylish, the ambitious and the passionate. It’s what I hope my readers feel is a hub of daily inspiration, motivational content and advice and tips for those of us on a journey of sartorial life and career success.

What's the best thing about being a blogger?

Blogging is an incredible thing these days, it’s gone from a simple hobby to a huge commercial industry where brands, advertisers and companies are keen to get involved and leverage the influence and integrity of our content.

Whilst I never dreamed of it when starting my blog, having the opportunity to work with some of my favourite brands on collaborations and photo shoots, getting featured in my favourite magazines and brand advertising campaigns and generally just having amazing readers has to be the best thing about blogging.

What can we expect on your Instagram takeover?

A little insight into my daily life I hope, and a real mix of my summer style, my favourite (and most picturesque) foodie treats and generally snaps of life in London!

Who do you check in with every day on Instagram?

I follow a whole host of people on Instagram, from friends and fellow bloggers to my favourite brands and magazines. I check my Instagram quite a lot throughout the day and always feel inspired by the incredible photography and inspirational pics everyone posts.

What's been your most popular post/the most meaningful thing that's happened to you on Instagram?

Oh wow, I’m really not sure what’s been my most popular post, although most likely it will have been a post featuring my gorgeous little puppy Ruby. She’s a cavapoo puppy and just so cute, she certainly gets a lot of likes!

What do you think will be the next big Insta trend. We've already got #OOTD and #FWIS hashtags, what else do you think will go huge?

I think healthy living and healthy lifestyle will become increasingly popular, from daily juices, healthy recipes to crazy yoga poses. Everyone is definitely stepping up their health game and so I think this will be the next big thing. #DownwardDog here we come!

What are your tips for being a successful on Instagram?

I wouldn’t mind a few tips myself! I think generally speaking just be yourself, take quality images & stick to your own personal ‘niche’ or theme. The people I follow with millions of followers all have a really clear identity, beautiful, inspirational photos and post regularly to keep up interest.

What are your top styling tips?

For me style is personal, and so the most important things when it comes to styling is about finding a look or an ensemble that you personally feel confident and comfortable in. It could be a super simple jeans & shirt combination, but if you feel good, you’ll work it with a real sense of confidence and look good as a result.

I love to mix seasonal favourites (right now it’s the suede and denim mini skirt which has stolen my heart) with classic items which work all year round; a simple blouse, a casual Breton top or just a ‘go to’ jumper.

How would you describe your Instagram style? Does it differ from your blog?

My blog and Instagram style definitely don’t differ too much as they’re both about me and my personal style. My Instagram is a lot more day to day and laid back though, so you may find a few more casual snaps on there.

How difficult is it to stand out in the pool of Instagram fashion bloggers?

Really hard, Instagram is open to everyone and there are so many incredible Instagrammers out there. However as long as you stay true to yourself, keep unique and enjoy what you’re doing and sharing then there’s always room for everybody.

Fave place to shop?

I am a real lover of Zara for the high street, they always have on trend collections, at accessible and affordable prices and generally fit me really well. I am also a big fan of French Connection for event and party wear. I absolutely love their dresses.

When it comes to labels, Celine, Chloe and Acne are always top of my list. I am a huge handbag lover and so this is when I tend to invest a little more, my Celine Nano, Phillip Lim Pashli and Mulberry Collection are my pride and joy.

Fave beauty buys?

I love Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser, I’m a big lover of Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes, and love Benefit for mascara and bronzer. I’m always open to trying new beauty products but even then I still have my firm favourites and daily routine.

What's next for Melissa and Media Marmalade?

I’ve got really big ambitions for Mediamarmalade in the coming year, it’s been nearly 4 years now (October 2015 will be the 4 year birthday) and I’d really love to push my blog to the next level, and of course keep providing my incredible readers with daily inspirations whether it’s outfit, careers advice, photography tips or just a snap shot into my life.

Final words of advice/top tips?

I’ve got too many to share, but if you’re interested I have a whole ‘tips’ page on my blog, from career, to blogging to photography and coding. I share 2 tips posts a week on my blog, so there’s lots to read.

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Fashion blogger
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