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Fashion Trends AW14: 10 Trends That Are About To Take Over Your Wardrobe

by Lareese Craig Published on 07/08/2014 at 12:00
Fashion Trends AW14: 10 Trends That Are About To Take Over Your Wardrobe

We're trying not to get ahead of ourselves, there's still sunny days and real tans ahead of us yet, but it's never too early to look at what style staples we'll be wearing next. Here's our shortlist of the 10 trends about to take over your wardrobe this AW14.

AW14 demands a girl who's just as ready to conquer the world in her oversized sweats and sneakers as she is in her pretty LBD. Are you set to get styled for a whole new season? Here's a first look at the trends that are about to take over your wardrobe. And probably your life.

1. Birkenstocks

The no-fuss sandal was once living in the shadow of its spangly other half but now the ‘ugly’ shoe is having the last laugh. The revival of the chunky, boyish '90s slipper can only mean one thing, we’re finally ready to walk in cork and be socially accepted.

No longer limited to surfers and the outdoor types (sorry dad), these stylish slides can transform any dressy outfit into a refreshing micro statement. There’s no question about it, the two-strap Arizona silhouette has to meet your shoe collection.

We're taking these into September and beyond whether it rains or not.

2. Trainers with everything

These days you don’t just have to wear your trainers to and from the gym, now they're a round-the-clock fashion investment. LBD + sneakers. It’s totally happening all around you. All the more reason to get a sweat on.

Try these Nike Max 90 Cheetah from JD Sports for your most fashionable commute yet. Not convinced? There's only one word of persuasion left for it. Cara.

3. Case Of The Blues

Refreshing blue hues make for the perfect transition between summer peaks and cold autumn mornings. If the thought of donning navy is too much winter and not enough fun, stick to light cornflower shades and icey bluebell palettes to keep your wardrobe appropriately fresh.

4. Ripped Jeans

Ripped and rugged jeans are exercising some serious staying power well into autumn. Multiple tears have been traded in for knee cap slits and we can't get enough of them. Who knew bare tanned knees could be so sexy!

5. Tomboy On Top

There's rarely ever a season when the tomboy doesn't take over and AW14 isn't about to rock that boat. Thankfully. Fashion is just as head over heels as it ever was with boyish cuts and gamine edge, only this time you'll definitely be needing that suit. Better get raiding your boyfriend's wardrobe.

6. Fringing

Just when you were thinking about scrapping your worn Glasto wardrobe, Roland Mouret's ribbon skirt paved the way for post-festival fringing and shredded leather trims that outlast summer.

Strings and tassels swish into the realms of cocktails and city dining this autumn, making each and everyone of us consider a trip to the Wild West. Or at least to Topshop.

7. Quilt Up

AW14 is all over the double quilt effect. It's the perfect go-between when you're done with summertime sadness and well into the swing of cooler days and nights. Think puffy, boxy tops with ample volume but go fitted with your skirt and trouser options.

What do you know, quilting doesn't just look good on Chanel bags.

8. Go Supersize

The best thing about autumn has to be the non-stop indulging in comfy, oversized knits. Fashion's asking for supersize portions of one stop knit dresses, elongated tunics, head-to-toe bathroom robes and stretched cuffs. If ever there was an excuse to miss the gym and sip on a glass of Merlot this is it. #mysweatermademedoit

9. Dresses Over Pants

For those days when a dress just isn't enough. Celine, Balenciaga, Kenzo and Giorgio Armani, they're all embracing this revolutionary take on layering and they aren't the only ones.

If you can't beat them join them!

10. Fighting Spirit

Military's moving away from camo jackets and bulky overalls and pushing for an all together sexier warrior. Khaki still dominates the battle backdrop but this time round it's toying with cut outs, belts and unbuttoned jumpsuits. What would the Corporal say?

NB notice that sadly no Vivienne Westwood Pharrell hats made it into our trend watch and probably never will... #sorrynotsorry

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