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10 Reasons We'll Always Be Obsessed With Kate Moss

by Lareese Craig Published on 16/01/2015 at 09:15
10 Reasons We'll Always Be Obsessed With Kate Moss © Pinterest via babble.com

She was spotted out this week wearing a leather biker jacket over a long satin maxi dress, polished off with undone hair and suede boots. Sense says it shouldn't work but this is Kate Moss we're talking about. Fashion. Overruled. Today marks her 43rd birthday and to celebrate we're reminding you of all the reasons we'll always be openly obsessed with her. We're not even gonna try to hide it. Happy birthday Kate!

Topshop, Vogue, Playboy... there's plenty of reasons to LOVE Kate Moss. You'll see! Here's 10 reasons we'll always be obsessed with this rock star super. Prepare to swoon (and dribble a little).

1. She's got more boho vibes than Bowie

If ever you need some festival wardrobe inspiration Mossy's your go-to girl. From Glasto to V, she never rocks out without her teeny cut off denims and ankle boots. She's so cool she makes holding a paper cup look stylish.

2. THAT hair

Long, short, bangs, pink. Damn that girl can wear a wig and still look better than all the rest.

3. She knows how to do a wedding

When mossy got hitched to Jaimie Hince she had not one, not two but 16 bridesmaids. We need to book this woman.

4. She's sexy and short

OK we're exaggerating she's hardly short, but in model terms she's practically Tom Cruise. Keep crouching Naomi. Keep crouching.

5. She's 43

How is this true? All we know is if we look half as hot as her at 43 we'd be pulling this face too. All the time.

6. Because of this photo

That's gotta be a collectable. LOVE her.

7. She closed the effing olympics

You know you're pretty big when they let you have fire.

8. She was always cute

Aw. Ain't no way her mum would have settled for the keyring version of that school portrait.

9. She nabbed Johnny Depp

She made us just a little bit jealous when she started dating our 90s heart throb Johnny Depp but we forgive her.

10. She's done it all and more

Playboy, Calvin Klein, Topshop, Chanel, Vogue. There's nothing she can't do.

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