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How Boho Can You Go? The Festival Fashion Rules You Have To Follow

by Lareese Craig ,
How Boho Can You Go? The Festival Fashion Rules You Have To Follow© Getty

Festival season is fast approaching which means it's time to get your free-spirited flower child on. Oh yeah. If you haven't the foggiest idea on what frocks to rock at Reading or how boho to go at Bestival here's a little lesson in field fashion. The dos, the don'ts and the definitely maybes. In the event of loud music, tents and grassy verges this is what you need to be wearing.

Need a lesson in how to be a boho babe? You've landed in the right place. We're not all as talented as Vanessa Hudgens when it comes to pulling off hippie chic but if you follow these simple rules you'll be as boho as they come. Peace and love!

1. A flower in your hair

No festival is complete without a larger than life floral garland. The bigger the better. Think see it from space kinda stuff.

2. Denim cut offs

Denim shorts are cool. But cut off denim shorts? Whole. New. Level. If you haven't got any just get your Blue Peter on with a bit of DIY ripping, tearing and casual fraying. How wrong can it go? (scared face).

3. Maxi skirt

We don't wanna hear any of those #shortgirlproblems, maxi skirts suit everyone. Tall and small, pint-sized or six foot when standing, there's nothing like a floaty maxi to get you in the festival spirit. On a practical note, that pull up waist band comes in so handy when nature calls and you're in the middle of a field.

4. Fedora hats

Perfect for shielding your face from unwanted sun, a floppy fedora hat will have you looking cool however hot the clime. Ever practical, ever stylish and they'll make your Instagram look extra pretty.

5. Something fringed

If it's got tassels on it it's going in your backpack. That's the rule.

6. Pastel hair chalks

Rainbow hair, bubblegum pink or Katy Perry green it's all on the cards when you can wash it out with the next shampoo. YOLO.

7. Boho braids

If you wanna go all out boho you need to learn how to braid like an Olsen twin. Halo, french, two little pigtails - the choice is yours. Just make sure you sleep in them the night before to give them that rugged slept-in feel. After all, when you're in the middle of a field no one's going to judge you for not having a hairbrush to hand. Lap it up.

8. Ankle Boots

Six inch heels? There's no way in hell you'll be needing those. When it comes to footwear opt for comfort every time. And if you can make them cowboy ankle boots you'll be laughing all the way to the cider bus. Extra brownie points.

9. A tan

Fake it, spray it, or catch the real thing. Rocking the rays is a sure fire way to get your pins ready for those denim shorts.

10. Face art

Finish off your festival wardrobe with those DIY deets. Face art, stencils, gems, stars - go all out. You're a free spirit remember?

11. Print

Lesson no. 5: There's no print too loud when it comes to festival season. Basically do as Solange Knowles does.

12. Sunglasses

Think you'll be able to face the hangovers without a pair of these bad boys? Seriously, put them in your bag.

13. Henna

All the best festival goers know that henna is the Queen Bey of all pedicures (see what we did there?). If you don't get it, you can't sit with us.

14. A peace sign

You can't pose normally at festivals. You have to throw up a peace sign. You'll see!

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Lareese Craig
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