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Is That Gucci? Get The A-List Wardrobe You've Always Dreamed Of!

by Lareese Craig ,
Is That Gucci? Get The A-List Wardrobe You've Always Dreamed Of!© Pinterest

We all know how badly every girl wants a Chanel flip bag but the fact remains, Primark’s always cheaper! But just because it’s designer doesn’t mean you have to miss out. My Secret Dressing Room makes shopping for labels affordable by loaning out over 1,000 designer items. From Louboutin to Victoria Beckham and Valentino - this is one wardrobe you’re going to want to bag and borrow ASAP.

My Secret Dressing Room is the high street girl’s answer to doing designer the easy way. Whether you’re going to your best friend’s wedding or holidaying in the south of France, there’s an outfit for every occasion.

Renting your wardrobe is a perk celebrities have quickly learnt to embrace. (We can’t think why). From partying in Paris to walking the red carpet in Hollywood, they need a wear-once wardrobe at their fingertips stat.

Ok, so you might not have Karl Lagerfeld on speed dial but who needs him when you have your very own haute couture courier?

MySDR aims to give every woman a taste of life as the A-listers know it. That means wearing all the finest styles without having to purchase items outright. And, they get delivered right to your door. Amazing.

Forget putting your month’s wages on that one dress, now you can call the diva shots and order it out for the night, the weekend or even for a fortnight.

No more occasion dresses clogging up your valuable closet space. No more neglecting those unused, unworn ensembles that you had every intention of wearing when that special event came up. Only it never happened.

You can even see what it's like as a Secret Stylist by lending out your very own All Saints or Kate Moss purchases. If you're willing to share of course!

Rent it. Wear it. Return it. It’s that simple. Why haven’t we done this before? It’s like all our SATC dreams come true.


So hurry, your dream wardrobe awaits!

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Lareese Craig
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