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J.Crew's Triple-Zero Is A Big SCREW YOU To Body Image

by Carla Cain Walther ,
J.Crew's Triple-Zero Is A Big SCREW YOU To Body Image© J.Crew Instagram

Tiny women have a hard time searching for clothes and we're not allowed to complain about it because, well, the obvious - and I get that. However, every petite girl knows shopping for jeans, shorts and skirts is a serious struggle. Well, J.Crew decided to solve that problem with a very controversial addition to their sizing! Yeah, they basically took it too far...

It’s widely known that J.Crew is a great resource for petite women like myself who aren’t down with shopping in the Children's section because...well...we’re freaking adults! However, on Tuesday the retail store was called out for debuting a new size that is, frankly, a little alarming.

J.Crew lovers, meet Size 000 or to put that in perspective, XXXS (aka 'These Trousers Will Only Fit Alexa Chung').

​J.Crew swears 000 is not vanity sizing, which is when clothing companies change the sizes of their items to make their customers feel like they're wearing a size or two smaller than they normally do.

According to a J.Crew spokesperson, the Asian market is desperate for clothes that fit a 23'' waist, and J.Crew fulfilled that need with the triple-zero.

Although there is no such thing as universal sizing - you can be an extra-small in one clothing store and a small-medium in another - is it really okay to start dipping down into double and triple-zeroes?

Ever since Size 0 came along in the '90s, women have argued that retailers that cater to shoppers' pride offer absurd sizes that have harmful effects on a woman's body image. Needless to say, shoppers are more than a little miffed at this trend in downward sizing...

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Carla Cain Walther
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