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Michelle Keegan Reveals Diet Secrets As She Debuts Her First Ever Lipsy Collection

by Lareese Craig Published on 30 June 2014
Michelle Keegan Reveals Diet Secrets As She Debuts Her First Ever Lipsy Collection

Guys love her. Girls wanna be her. Life doesn’t get much better when you’re as fashionable (and super lovely) as Michelle Keegan. Post Corrie and fresh onto the style scene, she’s been busy making her fashion debut as Lipsy’s brand ambassador and take it from us, this collection…Not. To. Be. Missed. The girl from Weatherfield did good.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t borderline obsessed with Michelle Keegan. She’s gorgeous, genuine and a complete girl’s girl and there’s just no stopping her now she’s a self-confessed fashionista too.

Since leaving the cobbles of Coronation Street behind she’s traded in her Tina McIntyre wardrobe for lace jumpsuits, pencil skirts and tapered trousers, with a little help from Lipsy.

Her Lipsy AW14 collection boasts over 30 trend driven must-haves for the everyday girl. From classic tapering to fuss-free pencil skirts and signature Saturday night pieces, Michelle’s got all corners of the closet covered.

Michelle says; “I have been wearing Lipsy since my teens. I have always admired their collections over the years, their pieces are always bang on trend [...]"

Each piece was designed with a desk to dance floor inspiration in mind with fun-loving florals and smouldering navy shades.

“As time’s gone, especially over the last year or so, my style’s evolved and I know what suits me now, I know what colours I like and what suits my figure. I like plain, block colours.”

As for pre-wedding diets and crazy gym sessions. Not a chance. “I went on holiday recently and I just ate pizzas, McDonalds, bread and mayo. I hate the gym and I've been so busy lately I haven't had the chance to work out for three months! I just think everything in moderation.

"There’s no secret behind it, everyone thinks oh I need to crash diet, I need to go on a juicing diet and that’s too extreme. It’s not a way of living. I’m a proper foodie, I get excited about food. “

As for feeling sexy and confident, being crowned the five times winner of the British Soap Awards ‘Sexiest Female’ has got to help, but being in the limelight from a young age isn’t easy.

“It’s hard, you’re going to get people commenting on the way you look, what you wear, if you’ve put on weight if you’ve lost weight, if your hair looks good, so there is that pressure there.

“When I first got on Corrie the comments used to really affect me because I was just a young girl. No one can ever prepare you for what you face. You develop a thick skin. There’s so much pressure for young girls but as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters.”

The Lipsy Love Michelle collection hits the high street on 3rd July.

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Michelle Keegan Talks Fashion, Fame & Diets As She Debuts Her First Ever Lipsy Collection © Lipsy

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