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Period Blood-stained Leggings Are Being Sold And There's Just No Need

by Helen Turnbull ,
Period Blood-stained Leggings Are Being Sold And There's Just No Need© Poprageous

The humble period seems to be this week's hot topic - first came the news that the tax we pay on tampons and other sanitary products is being used to fund an anti-abortion charity and now we bring you some menstrual-themed fashion. Enter: blood-stained leggings which look as hideous as they sound and we're not quite sure how to feel about them.

Leggings are much like Marmite in their ability to wedge a divide between the closest of friends but while most will agree to disagree for the sake of their friendship, we reckon you'll feel differently about 'Period Positive' leggings. The tight-fitting yoga pants are the latest must-have item in mainstream menstrual fashion, featuring a delightful period blood stain on the crotch and 'Love the blood' printed down either side.

The bizarre item is the handiwork of American apparel company Poprageous who specialise in women's leggings and swimsuits. The new addition to their extensive range of comfy clothing was advertised on the fashion brand's Facebook page at the weekend and people flooded the comments with their disgust. "#NEWPOP || Check out our Period Positive leggings! Get'em before they sell out!! #periodsexisthebest #periodpositive #loveyourperiod #feminism#menstruationnation Ilana Glazerwww.poprageous.com," the post read.


But all is not as it seems as Poprageous immersed themselves in the fiery debate, jumping to the defence of their novelty item to reveal it was actually a April Fool's prank, simply writing: "April fool's babe," to one particularly angry commenter.

While we're not sure Period Positive leggings are a trend that would make it to the runway, the comments highlighted just how much needs to be done to destigmatise periods which is something we'll always be onboard with.

Would you buy these Period Positive leggings if they were to become a real-life thing? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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