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The C-String: The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Your Crotch

by Maria Bell ,
The C-String: The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Your Crotch

Just when we thought our eyes had recovered from the trauma of paunchy TOWIE ladz parading around in asymmetric c*cksock swimsuits, we get this. The worst thing to happen to women, lingerie and our sense of perspective: The C-String. If this is the world we live in, we want out.

Resting neatly over your particulars with an anchor between your butt cheeks, the C-string offers to protect your dignity while simultaneously obliterating all trace of it. Think a thong, but leagues more narcissistic.

In fact, save yourself some pain and just don't think of it at all.

Designed to eliminate the chance of VPL, the c-string is the new lingerie garment you never knew you needed, or ever really wanted...

It also comes in a variety of colours and patterns because, well, there is no logical reason for this.

Plus animal print, kinky fluff and/or with plumage. WHY NOT?!


One lady even took it to the beach.


And just in case the guys feel left out, there's a version for them too.

Kill it with fire. Quickly.

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Maria Bell
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