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True Story: You Can Have A Personal Stylist - For FREE!

by Ursula Dewey ,
True Story: You Can Have A Personal Stylist - For FREE!© A Pair And A Spare

Something is going right in the world, because we've just discovered something we can't keep to ourselves. The fact you can have a personal stylist - for free! You just need to know where to go... Well, allow us to let you in on the secret.

Shopping should be every girl's dream date. Just you, your wallet and the rails. But the reality is always different, with endless queues, everything but your size, the chaos of clothes and the deep dissatisfaction of buying something just because you feel you have to, rather than because you fell in love.

We're onto something that will change all that - Debenhams Personal Stylist service at their Oxford Street store in London. It really is the best new way to shop.

It works like this. You book in for an appointment. You arrive at the suave reception area, you have a personal consultation with the stylist and make yourself comfortable in your private changing room, complete with refreshments, and pre-picked outfits ready to try on there and then.

You simply have to say what you're looking for - whether it's an occasion dress for a wedding , a brand new work wardrobe or just a season update for your wardrobe, the personal stylists can help with everything.

They'll go find your size, pick out things that will suit your shape and colouring, will push you to try something a little different and will also tell you when something ISN'T working. Honestly, it's like finally having a friend who always tells the truth.

Not only will you leave with a better sense of what suits you, but you'll be better equipped for future shopping trips knowing what to go for and what to avoid.

Debenhams Personal Stylist service is the new and improved Personal Shopping service, but bigger and better than ever. Each and every stylist is completely up to date with the latest trends and fashion, as well as the need-to-know tricks for dressing to you assets. What's more the fact that the Personal Stylist service is free and they don't work on commission means you'll never feel pressured into buying something.

It's literally all about you!

For us it was the best shopping experience we'd probably ever had - no stress, no pressure, lots of experimentation and a VIP treatment that makes you feel just like a celeb.

Better still it's open from 9.30am - 9pm and appointments usually last between one and two hours.

What do you think of their new service? Will you be trying it out next time you do a shopping trip in London? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Ursula Dewey
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