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Urban Outfitters Were Caught Selling A Primark Shirt With A MASSIVE Hike In Price

by Pascale Day ,
Urban Outfitters Were Caught Selling A Primark Shirt With A MASSIVE Hike In Price© twitter/@sortafucked

The prices at Urban Outfitters are so high that we need a check up from the doctor just to step foot inside of the door. One look at those price tags and we're hyperventilating, because pretty much the only thing we can afford in there is a birthday card, and even then it's a stretch. But it turns out, if you want an affordable Urban Outfitters top, you can just head on down to Primark.

If you shop at Urban Outfitters you're probably used to being ripped off, but this once really takes the cake. An Urban Outfitters shopper in Glasgow spotted a shirt in-store made by Cedar Wood State - Primark's in-house design label - but with a hefty Outfitters's price tag.

And people were pretty surprised:

The comparison photo has since been liked by over 800 people. The Sun reached out to Urban Outfitters for a statement on how the shirt ended up in their store in the first place.

"While we cannot authenticate the photo in question, we take all customer feedback very seriously," a spokesperson told the publication. "We are determining whether the shirt was possibly obtained through a bulk purchase for our Urban Renewal Vintage and Remade program, through which our designers tailor vintage clothing and make each piece one-of-a-kind.

"We are reviewing our limited UK Urban Renewal Vintage and Remade inventory, and any non-vintage pieces will immediately be pulled."

Essentially, the spokesperson is saying that they buy vintage clothes in, Blue Peter them up a bit with diamantes and a glue gun (probably), and then sell them on for a much, much higher price. Right.We have our doubts about how "vintage" this top actually is, though, so I think we'll just steer clear of Urban Outfitters and stick to Primark for now, thanks.

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