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Watch This Victoria's Secret Model Shut Down A Reporter For "Stupid" Food Question

by Lareese Craig ,
Watch This Victoria's Secret Model Shut Down A Reporter For "Stupid" Food Question

OK, so their bodies are insane and we'd be lying if we said we weren't at least a little bit curious about their dieting habits and how much they have to squat to look like literal angels. But that aside, ahead of the Victoria's Secret fashion show on Tuesday, this reporter should have known better than to ask about pizza and ice-cream.

You're a super model, about to walk in the most anticipated fashion show of the year, so you can understand why Victoria's Secret model Magdalena Frackowiak got tetchy when a reporter decided to ask her about... food.

We can think of a few more pressing things to ask a VS model, ya know just off the top of our heads... the diverse catwalk line up, the outfits, the walk, is she excited about being part of the most sought after booking in any model's diary?!

Clearly this reporter had one thing and one thing only on his list of questions to get answered and that was, "What are you most looking forward to eating after the show?" Awkward, so very awkward.

Some models responded with your stock chocolate, ice-cream and pizza answers but not Magdalena, Mags got real really quick, leaving her makeup artist to laugh uncomfortably through her nose, all while trying to carry on patting her with a blending sponge. What a pro.


On thinking about the question for a second Magdalena says, "This is stupid, ask more smart questions." Talk about not mincing your words.

And she didn't stop there, adding: "You make me look like an idiot. It seems like I’m starving myself and I can’t wait for the show to end to eat.”

As the reporter tried to laugh it off and apologise, she wasn't having any of it and shooed him off with the best hand gesture we've ever seen. Bet he wishes he ate a bagel before that interview!

Noted: Don't try it with angels, they are feisty, beautiful queens.

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Lareese Craig
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