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25 Secret Single Behaviours We're All Guilty Of

by Teddi Ginsberg ,
25 Secret Single Behaviours We're All Guilty Of© HBO

We have Carrie Bradshaw to thank for so many things, but one of our absolute favourites is her coining the term of SSB: Secret Single Behaviour. It's that stuff you do alone, when no one else is home that you keep completely to yourself. Except when you admit your SSB to your girlfriends, of course. Here are 25 we're guilty of. Any of these ring a bell? Come on... we won't tell!

Whether you're married, have flat mates, or live alone, one thing is for sure: we all crave some alone time, especially to do the things we don't want to do in front of anyone else. Carrie Bradshaw once admitted that her SSB is eating stacks of crackers and jelly while reading Vogue in her kitchen. Here are some of our other favourites...

1. Walking around naked

The most obvious (and perhaps best) SSB of all time. Why not?

2. Eating in bed

No one's there to yell about the crumby mess you're making. Bonus points if you're eating in your undies.

3. Rubbing lotions and potions all over our bodies

A face mask, a hair mask, a full body scrub... we go to town!

4. Having a solo dance party

It's a great way to burn calories and practice your moves.

5. Singing into the hairbrush (or any other makeshift microphone)

You can't believe how good you are! It's actually too bad no one else is around to hear this.

6. Extracting your pores

Magnifying mirror necessary.

7. Tweezing everything

Magnifying mirror optional (but encouraged).

8. Having trashy reality TV marathons

Isn't that what weekends were made for?

9. Drinking straight out of the bottle/jug/carton

Why dirty a glass? It's not like you were going to share the container with anyone else, anyway.

10. Having dessert for dinner

Ice cream > chicken.

11. Listening to the same song over and over (and over) again

Love that loop feature.

12. Not changing clothes

Especially if you're home sick or just haven't left the house for two days. Why wrinkle another outfit?

13. Letting the rubbish bin overflow

Taking it out is the worst. And what flat mates are for.

14. Going comando

Because knickers are completely unnecessary when one is alone at home.

15. Trying on everything in your closet

It is simultaneously frivolous and productive. Bonus points if you put aside everything that doesn't fit to donate.

16. Practising different looks of seduction in the mirror

You're so gonna kill it at the next happy hour.

17. Binge watching bad TV

Bonus points if it's Jeremy Kyle.

18. One word: Nair

When we're alone we Nair everywhere.

19. Midnight snacking

At the kitchen counter. Or in bed. Or anywhere, really.

20. Cleaning in your underwear

What? It's weirdly sexy.

21. Talking to yourself (or your pet)

Because sometimes you just need to be reassured that you are so much better off without that last jerk you dated.

22. Trying out new makeup trends and complicated updos

These activities are always best done when you have nowhere to go. That way, if it looks awful, you've saved yourself the hassle.

23. Exercising during TV ad breaks

Jumping off the couch to do jumping jacks? Smart.

24. Drinking earlier than what's considered socially acceptable

Champagne at 8AM? Why not?

25. Eating cereal for every meal

But only when you've run out of ice cream.

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Teddi Ginsberg
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