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25 Couples Halloween Costumes That Aren't Cringe As Hell

by Tolani Shoneye ,
25 Couples Halloween Costumes That Aren't Cringe As Hell

It's halloween, the only time of year where you can get away with matching with your other half, without looking like a complete douche. So to get you inspired we have put together 25 halloween costumes for couples that are pretty cool. No Minnie and Mickey costumers included!

Here's how you and your partner can WIN at halloween this year.

1. The Bank Robbers

Minimum effort, maximum effect.

2. Daenerys and the BABE that is Khal Drogo

The ultimate couple.

3. The Gangster Couple

Get gangster with a stylish beret and a fedora.

4. The Sexy Skeletons

Scary...But a little bit seductive.

5. Top Gun Couple

Your very own Tom Cruise.

6. Sandy And Danny

Be the original good girl gone bad.

7. Jonny and June

Be the perfect match this halloween.

8. Magician and the rabbit

So cute...so stylish.

9. Bert and Mary Poppins


10. Juno

Get your bump involved in the festivities.

11. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The coolest couple EVER!

12. Shamy

Sheldon and Amy are our faves!

13. Popeye and Olive

Cliche...But still really cute.

14. Gladiators

Be sure to scream "this is sparta" every hour.

15. Pop Art Couple

Be a walking work of art.

16. The Nurse and the Sailor kiss

Be sure to practice your kiss dip.

17. TJ and Spinelli

Because we all know these two belong together.

18. Old Couple

Grow old together.

19. The Great Gatsby

Embrace 1920's swag.

20. The Notebook

Take inspiration from the best film EVER!

21. Fairly Odd Parents

Embrace your oddness.

22. Star Trek

Boldly go where no one has gone before.

23. Where's Wally

You won't be hard to miss.

24. The Bride and Groom

Till death do you part.

25. The Day Of The Dead Couple

Dia de Los muertos

Halloween Costumes For Couples © popeye and olive
Halloween Costumes For Couples
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