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What Disney Princesses Taught Us About Romance

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 23/01/2014 at 17:30
What Disney Princesses Taught Us About Romance © Wikipedia

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching and we've got to feeling a touch nostalgic for all the lessons in love we learnt from our fave Disney films. When life's a work of fiction, love just seems so much simpler. So if you’re looking to bag your Prince Charming take inspiration from these Disney Princesses. Seriously, these women knew exactly how to sort out their happily-ever-after, who needs an equal playing field when there's magic and monsters?

Being really, really attractive makes love easy

Snow White showed us that even if you and your crush have never spoken, have nothing in common and don’t know each other’s aspirations, you're still guaranteed success if you lie very still with lipstick on. Soon enough he'll be racing over to kiss you. It all comes down to being seriously good-looking (and patient).

Just don’t go accepting food from other women who are jealous of your sheer fitness. NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF IT.

If there is something wrong with your boyfriend, you can change them

Belle is a girl that knows how to do that whole "I just wanna fix him" shizzle.

Seriously, take a hint from her. You don’t have to worry if your fella wears jeans slightly too short for him, has a ponytail or really thinks corduroy is making a come back, because you can change all of that no problem. Just give him the love and attention he needs, and before long he’ll be the hunk that dreams are made of! Perseverance girls.

​Also, don’t worry if he kidnaps you and locks you away from your loved ones. Just roll with it.


Wear a hot dress, seduce a rich guy and stop working - forever!

Sick of working all of those bar jobs? Stuck in a call centre? Luckily, as long as you have a fairy godmother (ahem, credit card) and a pretty face, snagging the man of your dreams who has more money than sense should be a breeze. It all comes down to wearing the right look-at-me dress and FM shoes. Cinderella was no fool.

We love a Disney happy ending.

Let the man do the hard work – you just take it easy

Dating is so difficult these days. So if your thumb is tired from Tindr, don't lose hope. One day your Prince will come. In the meantime make like Princess Aurora, have a little nap and wait for him.

He’ll arrive eventually, even if he has to get past a forest of thorns, a dragon, molten lava blah blah blah. Not your problem.


Don’t do what daddy says

If he doesn’t have enough money to buy bread, but has a good sense of humour and a squat with a wonderful view, then don’t write him off. You never know, he might get lucky and win the lottery.

As Princess Jasmine showed us, you don't have to be forced into a marriage your daddy approves of. Now this one we actually agree with!

It's ok to change your appearance for a guy

Ariel is a girl who knows her mind. Unfortunately when this girl's in love she makes crazy decisions. Like changing her body, giving up her right to a voice and leaving behind her family in order to flirt with a guy who she's only met when he was unconscious. Still, it all worked out in the end.

So, if he prefers you blonde to brunette, make like Ariel and just change the way you look to make him happy.

Sometimes ditching your boy will be better for both of you

As Disney employed more women the princesses started to be a bit more kick ass. Finally some love life lessons we can actually refer to in real life!

In Pocahontas we learnt that if your boyfriend wants you to move to the other side of the world with him, sometimes it’s okay just to say no, thanks for the offer, goodbye and give him some sweets for the trip. Relationships don’t always work out the way you’d planned, but you’ll always have the memories!


Accept that you'll have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince

You will snag that wonderful man who will help finance your restaurant opening, but it might take time and you may have to be slightly belittled for this to happen. Tiana got what she wanted - the hard way.

Respect your boyfriend’s choice of friends

This love lesson from Frozen is actually pretty true to life, so take notes. If your boyfriend has strange mates, sometimes you're just gonna have to accept them.

Hell, if he wants to hang around with a reindeer, put on a voice for him and sing duets with himself, for goodness sake let him! Everyone has their tawdry quirks, and his are sort of charming. Plus, all you need to do is buy some carrots and you’ve won over his mates. Job done.

Why want a boyfriend when you can be a sassy independent woman?!

What's this? A Disney princess that's happily single? Anyone would think it was the 21st century. Princess Merida made us realise that no one needs romance when you have a horse, a bow and arrow and the Scottish countryside. NO ONE! Enjoy the single life, no one is tying you down!

Have you learnt any other love lessons from Disney? Tweet them to us @sofeminineUK

Emmy Griffiths
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