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15 Celeb Hairstyles Perfect For Growing Out A Fringe

by Pascale Day ,
15 Celeb Hairstyles Perfect For Growing Out A Fringe© Getty Images

Growing out a fringe is EF-FORT. And, not only is is effort, it's super stressful too. It just sits at that inbetween-y length and there's nothing you can do with or about it. But that's where these beautiful ladies come in - they've mastered the art of growing out bangs gracefully. Here's some between-styles inspo for all you exasperated fringe growers out there.

The summer braid

The boho braid is a look that works on anyone and everyone, and it always looks super cute. If your fringe is kinda short, maybe check out the boho braid - your hair might need something a little tighter in order to keep it under control. But this loose look is so cute for summer.

The hun

The half bun is a no-muss-no-fuss way to rid your forehead of those pesky bangs and takes, like, two seconds to do. Seriously, it's the easiest way to style out a fringe, and gives you a few extra mins in bed each morning. Win-win.

The side-sweep

When you're growing out a fringe, resisting the urge to push it to the side is hard. So why not just style it that way? A side fringe is something that looks good on everyone and is way more diverse than you think.

The middle parting

Zooey Deschanel is famous for her fringe, and so it makes us sad to see her lose it. But if there's one thing that cushions the blow, it's that this middle parting also looks pretty damn good on her, too.

The Sleek pony

Rita Ora, master of every hairstyle that ever graced her head, shows us once again how to do this slicked-back pony right. Oh to have a perfect-shaped noggin.

The shag

Urgh. Could we love Miss Moretz more? This shag is the epitome of cool and is also perfect for when you get to that awkward stage of growing out your bangs where it's too long to be a real fringe and too short to tuck behind your ears. Taking this pic to the hairdressers as. We. Speak.

The slick-back

Let's be honest: Zendaya can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and beauty. Just a few days ago she smashed it at the Met Gala. So I think we can trust that this is an uber cool look and the ultimate quick way to get those pesky hairs off your face.

The boho braid

Ah, Sienna Miller. The ambassador of cute, boho hairstyles. This double braid is so good for those who are just in the early stages of growing out a fringe - nice and tight to keep all those short fly aways contained. And, of course, it looks amazing.

The pin-up

Suki adds a bit of retro glam with this slick look secured with some glitzy pins. Definitely beats a plain brown kirby grip, doesn't it?

The hairband

Thought hairbands were just for little girls? You thought wrong, my friend. This adorbs sixties look is for you and your fringe. And you know if Emma Stone is doing it, you should be doing it too, right. It's like, the rules of having hair. She is our leader.

The loose pony

When a slick pony is just a little too much for you, then this casual loose pony might do the trick. Just make sure you have plenty of hairspray to hand - you don't want any stays wafting down on a windy day!

The slick middle parting

If you d't fancy a ponytail but like the slick middle parting, simply through away the hairband, slick your fringe down, and tuck it behind your ears. Viola! Your sleek middle part is complete.

The wet look

Sometimes drying and styling is such a pain the arse. So, why not do a Kim and cut out the middle man. Keep your locks looking wet and firm in place with this sexed up 'do.

The cute clip

If you really can't be arsed and you just want that damn fringe outta your face, Sienna's back with another stellar look for you all. Simply pin your fringe back off your face, but add a cute clip to jazz up the look. Try this look at a glam party and it'll seem like you've made such an effort, when really the style took you literally two minutes and you spent the next hour looking at Facebook.

The twist

Another super simple style courtesy of Dianna Agron. This one even someone with no experience with hair can do without the blink of an eye. Just twist away from the face and clip. Twist and clip. Easy!

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