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This Model Recovered From Severe Alopecia To Become Rapunzel IRL

by Rose Adams ,
This Model Recovered From Severe Alopecia To Become Rapunzel IRL

With hair being such a huge part of our identities, the thought of our precious lengths falling out and balding is a scary one, but with our stress and anxiety levels rising alopecia is more common than ever. For this ginger model this was a reality - but not anymore. Like a tale straight out of Disney, this real life Rapunzel's story has a very happy ending.

Whether you're a bubbly blonde, bonny brunette or ravishing redhead (or any hue in between for that matter) chances are your barnet is pretty important to you - and so it should be. With the freedom to style our locks however we please (or as HR allows), the hair on our heads is one of our most defining features.

No one knows this more than model Anastasiya Sidorova, who suffered from a severe bout of baldness until the age of 18. The redhead was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia as a teenager which meant her hair fell out, leaving large bald patches and knocking her confidence and self-esteem massively as a result.

Not that you would ever know that now. The 23-year-old has completely grown back all of her hair and then some, sporting luscious locks so long they reach her mid-thighs, basically making her a real life mermaid.

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A post shared by Волосы (@sidorovaanastasiya) on Sep 21, 2017 at 3:09am PDT

The Russian model has since gone on to appear in many a Pantene advert in magazines in her native country, giving hope to sufferers around the world that they don't have to live with alopecia forever.

Many cases of alopecia are brought on by stress, but it can also be hereditary. Alopecia is, however, totally treatable, as gorgeous Anastasiya has proved. The first port of call on her road to recovery was visiting a trichologist, who gradually helped to cure her hair loss, whilst restoring her self-confidence at the same time.

Since she's beat the illness, Anastasiya has gone on to train and qualify as a cosmetic trichologist herself, helping others get their hair happy ending, too. She also gives tips and tricks on how to grow healthy, shiny hair like hers - which includes a strict ban on straightening and colouring *welp* - on her Insta and we're carefully taking notes.

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