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This New 'Claw Cutting' Hairdressing Technique Is Edward Scissorhands IRL

by Rose Adams ,
This New 'Claw Cutting' Hairdressing Technique Is Edward Scissorhands IRL

Hairstylists are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating inspiring and innovative barnets but their latest trick is truly WTF. They're now taking inspo from our feline friends and ditching the scissors in favour of pointy claws to create texture and volume in their clients' 'dos. But would you put the power in their hands?

Haircut phobes look away now because if you already find a trip to the hairdressers chair for traumatic, this brave technique will increase your scissor anxiety tenfold.

Stylists across the pond have employed an innovative way to create texture in their clients' tresses while perfecting their best Edward Scissorhands at the same time, by ditching the scissors and pulling on a fetching set of claws instead. Miaow!

Championing 'the claws' is hairdresser Valentino Valentino Lo Sauro who is the original inventor of the innovative technique. The benefit of using this tool over traditional clippers or scissors is that it allows hairstylists to work directly with their fingers. It's used in the final stage of the haircut to evenly distribute weight and body which is more easily achieved as the claws cut from the inside out.

The point is to create more air flow, texture and volume so it's perfect if fancy having that choppy bob you've been eyeing up on Pinterest.

Would you put your tresses in the trust of claw clippers? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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