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The Key To Ageing Gracefully: The Hottest Celebrities Over 40

by Lareese Craig Published on 6 August 2015
The Key To Ageing Gracefully: The Hottest Celebrities Over 40

Over the hill? Hardly. These celebrities are still in their prime and showing no signs of stepping off the hot-to-trot radar anytime soon. From leggy legend Elle Macpherson to the goddess that is Jennifer Aniston, here's 40 hot celebrities over 40 who are still absolutely slaying it.

With age comes... ridiculous going-nowhere good looks, amazing hair and a new-found confidence, according to Hollywood's hottest anyway.

With all the pressure of being in the limelight and looking no less than perfect 24 hours a day, seven days a week you'd think these A-listers would just have a day off and embrace a life of sweat pants and top knots. That's no reflection of how we want to spend our lives when we hit the big 4-0, obviously.

But for these 40 plus celebrities, ageing disgracefully is just not in their nature. They're making their 40s their best decade yet and we've got the pictures to prove it.

Whether they're vacationing in Honolulu or 'kicking back' off duty style, they still look more flawless than seems humanly possible. We can only dream.

Here's a look at the celebrities over 40 and more gorgeous than ever. Prepare to get hair, makeup and everything envy as you've never known it before.

The golden girls

If we could predict what we'd look like at 40 we'd close our eyes and picture a mash up of Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Denise Richards. With their dewy, radiant complexions and voluminous golden locks we wouldn't put them a day over 21.

You're never too old for blonde ambition. If you fancy brightening your signature colour with some subtle sun-kissed highlights then why not go for sultry balayage. Sweeping, gorgeous, natural-looking colour that's easy to grow out? It's a no brainer.

Cameron Diaz hair
Cameron Diaz hair

Brunette sophisticates

You think you're finally satisfied with your hair colour but then one look at these gals makes you wanna trade in goldilocks for dark chocolate tresses all day long. There's something dead mysterious about being a brunette - it doesn't matter how sun-kissed and Gisele-like your hair's looking, there's always part of you that'll wish you could be that sultry Eva Mendes type. We know what we'll be wishing for when we blow out those candles on our 40th...

Eva Longoria hair
Eva Longoria hair

Team bronde

The blonde or brunette dilemma isn't just limited to us mere mortals, oh no, rest assured A-listers suffer with hair dye indecision too. The issue is, once you're decided on one hue it's not all that easy to back track, so why not go for both! One hair colour was never enough anyway.

Jennifer Lopez has come up with a clever compromise by going 'bronde' AKA the hottest hair colour on the block, and it seems other celebrities can't help but try their hand at two tone their locks either. Forty plus and still dictating the trends for generation Y.

Jennifer Lopez hair
Jennifer Lopez hair

Making waves

If we look anything like Liz Hurley does at 50 then gloating will be required by law and we're not even gonna issue an apology for it. She's opted for a middy style with brushed out waves for a perfectly effortless red carpet appearance. Dang!

Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock also love to upstage their Hollywood frenemies with gorgeous waves and volume aplenty. Just look at Halle's tousled lob! Often stars of a certain age lop their length off for a quick age-defying boost and it's definitely agreeing with Mrs Berry.

Liz Hurley hair
Liz Hurley hair

Fiery tresses

And then there's those A-listers born to show their wild side. From Nicole Kidman's butter kissed strawberry blonde hue to Julia Roberts's deep auburn tresses, when your hair's this awesome who's counting the years anyway! Their secret? Red heads never go grey!

Nicole Kidman hair
Nicole Kidman hair

Which celebrity over 40 do you think is owning it right now? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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Lareese Craig
Lareese Craig - Published on 6 August 2015
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