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The Hair Accessories Every Boho Babe Should Try

by Lareese Craig Published on 3 September 2015
The Hair Accessories Every Boho Babe Should Try

The floral headband is great for festivals and all but there's only so many times you can do the flowers in your hair thang, not that we're trippin or anything. It's about time we explored other boho options out there - from crown headdresses to intricate feathered plaits, here's the hair accessories every festival goer come boho babe needs to try.

Gypsy beauty

We were already slightly obsessed with hair crowns but this gold coin headdress just confirms it. It's the easiest way to jazz up your temple - simply drape it over a centre parting and secure the fastening. We've pinned and twisted either side of our hair back but it looks just as lovely all down with beachy waves or poker straight locks.

Alternatively, make a plait at the lower centre of your crown and use gold thread to secure. Simple but effective!

hair accessories

The Robin Hood plait

You know those cute braids you used to pester your mum about getting on vacay every single time. Well, it's back with a feathery Robin Hood twist. Just plait your hair as normal, interlacing the hair accessory as you go. Boom. Boho braid at your service.

hair accessories

Fishtail drape

Fishtail plaits. They're basically as close as we'll ever get to being a mermaid and we're slowly learning to be ok with that. Just. Perfect on two-day, un-washed hair, this gorgeous fishtail drape makes for a great alternative to your everyday braid.

Of course, we've upped the ant by layering not one but two hair accessories (they're actually necklaces) over the top but you can just as easily add flower clips or other embellishments instead.

hair accessories

The spiral comeback

And we thought hair springs had been and gone with the 90s! If you're looking for a quick trick to change up your tresses then this one's for you.

For a little less of a polished do, pair this braid with multi-coloured springs for bohemian vibes or add a touch of sparkle for the big day by weaving in some spiral hair accessories. Hipster bride here you come.

hair accessories

With thanks to Hair Director at Paul Edmonds Polly Miteva. What's your go-to boho hairstyle? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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