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50 Of The Hottest Hairstyles For Men Whatever Your Style

by Tolani Shoneye ,
50 Of The Hottest Hairstyles For Men Whatever Your Style

Men's hair cuts have traditionally stayed pretty basic but hey, it's 2015 and rules have gone out the window when it comes to male hairstyles... Man buns are a thing now, and even Beckham's cornrows don't seem so controversial. So from the undone do to short back and sides we've put together 50 of the hottest hairstyles for men.

  1. · The Quiff
  2. · Long Locks
  3. · Side Parting
  4. · The Fringe
  5. · Dye Job

Men's hairstyles are all about making a statements, and creating a signature look so to help you pick your next hairstyle (or to get some inspo for your main man) we've rounded up our favourite male haircut ideas.

The Quiff

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic haircuts of all time, the quiff has been cool since the 50s and that's not about to change. It's the go to style when it comes to making it a statement. The cut is all about length and volume on top and short at the back and sides. The quiff works great for men of all ages, and can be worn as subtle or as extreme as you like. The cut is sharp sleek and allows the old school gentle men look. *love heart emoji*

Men's Hairstyles © danielseunglee.com
Men's Hairstyles
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Long Locks

Not just for surfer dudes or skateboarders, long haired men is a trend for all to try, but it's fair to say that not all men can pull off long hair. It takes a certain type of cool to get away with it - like these guys. The important thing to remember with long hair is to not over style it. The look works best when the hair is washed and in its natural state or styled up in a bun.

Men's Hairstyles © hwww.listal.com
Men's Hairstyles
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Side Parting

Sexy, slick and neat! The side part style is a God-send for men. However, this isn't a wake up, ruffle your hair, walk out the door kind of look; it needs to be styled to perfection. But before you get this cut, be sure to work out what side you want the parting (yes it matters) and stock up on gels and wax.

Men's Hairstyles © adonisarchive.tumblr.com
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The Fringe

That's right, men can and totally should start wearing fringes. It's great option for men who like the undone, textured look and can be worn swept to the side or brushed forward. Either way, it's a great look. You can get so many different looks with the fringe as the cut allows easy styling and can also add volume to thin hair.

Men's Hairstyles © nitrons.tk
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Dye Job

Because why should girls have all the fun with hair colours. Men are now taking to hair colouring, and it's not just to cover greys. From pink to blue, this look is daring, but also very hot.

Men's Hairstyles © thestylenewsnetwork.com
Men's Hairstyles
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