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The Perfect Updo! 80 Stunning Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

by Tolani Shoneye ,
The Perfect Updo! 80 Stunning Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself© Mane Interest Pinterest

Whether it's a night out, date night or you're just sat at home in your pyjamas, updos are always a good look. So to make sure yours is on point, we've put together 80 of the most perfect updo's out there, guaranteed to inspire you. Hair bands and bobby clips at the ready!

  1. · Top Knot
  2. · Braided Updos
  3. · Chic Chignon
  4. · Perfect Pony
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Although updos sound like *the* easiest thing to perfect, the reality is that a lot of the dos you see on screen take some celebrity's hair stylist HOURS to create - and ain't nobody got the time or cash for that.

So to make life a little easier for those of you who are not hair experts, we have put together a collection of stunning updos you can actually do yourself. Granted you might need some practice to perfect it, (French braids are included) but you will be able to do it.

What's great about these dos is that they straddle the line between casual and oh so fancy, allowing you to style your tresses for all occasions.

Top Knot

Whether it's a glamorous top knot or a "messy" one, the top knot is the go to look when it comes to updos. It's easy to do and a great way to show off your features. Plus when we say top knots, we don't the scraped together grease-ball you rock after the gym, oh no! We mean a styled-to-perfection look that fitting for any special occasion.

Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle © makeuploversunite.com
Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle
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Braided Updos

An loose or intricate braid or two is a great way to spice up any updo; it adds a soft romantic touch that we are completely in love with. And yes it might look fairly complicated, but it's definitely worth the practice. Every girl deserves to wear a crown, even if it's a braided one.

Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle © once wed
Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle
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Chic Chignon

The chignon (don't know if we are pronouncing it right) flatters every face shape, and can be adapted from an every day touseled style to special occasions. It's feminine, classic and pretty simple to do. The key to mastering the look is simply learning to tuck your hair in, and then bobby pinning it to perfection.

Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle © beauty and the blogger
Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle
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Perfect Pony

It doesn't get any easier than a ponytail, it's become the go to lazy girl hairstyle and has saved us from many bad hair days. Whether you style it high on your head or low at the nape of the neckBut it's about time you put a little more effort into your pony, so grab a brush, some pins, and hairspray.

Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle © Trendhunter
Find Your Perfect Updo Hairstyle
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Check out all the looks

© Mane Interest Pinterest
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This article was written by Tolani Shoneye and updated by Rose Adams.

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