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Tried & Tested: Spray-on Hair Gel

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: Spray-on Hair Gel

For those of us of a certain age the words 'hair gel' evoke memories of slicked-back hair and Sporty Spice-style strands 'framing' our face. If you didn't already know, it's time to thank the hair gods because hair gel is back but it's moved on A LOT since the 90's. We tested out Got2b's new Glam Force Fast-Dry Spray Gel to see if we can get back on board with an old staple...

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

The only hair gel in my house in the last 10 years has been the pot of 59p men's wet-look gel from the supermarket, or in desperate times the corner shop, that is my dad's one and only grooming essential. For that reason, you can understand why I may have been a little bit sceptical when I heard hair gel was making a comeback. Got2b's Glam Force Spray Gel promises to dry quickly and hold your hair style in place all day without that all too familiar sticky or stiff feeling. Plus, there is something much more satisfying about a spray bottle than a goo you scoop out of a tub with your hand.

As my hair is naturally pretty straight, and I'm not too adventurous with my style, I don't really find I need to run this through my hair before drying as suggested. However, for a simple up-do this is now a go-to. I often wear my second day hair in a low bun and need all the help I can get with keeping my heavy hair from falling loose so that extra bit of hold is just what I need - and it doesn't leave the stiff feeling of a hairspray I can't stand. If you are one of those specially skilled people who has been able to master the art of braids, firstly I'm jealous and secondly, I fully recommend you give this a go to keep any unruly hairs in place without feeling like you've poured a bottle of PVA glue on your head.

Helen - Social Media Editor

The last time I found myself with the need to buy hair gel was a few years back when I was ambitious and confident enough to attempt finger waves in aid of a 1920s party. Alas, the only varieties available to me were the tubs of cheap gel that haunted my formative years so needless to say I was apprehensive when I learned spray-on gel was to be tried and tested by yours truly. I'm a hairspray devout - dusting my grown-out bob in the stuff every time I leave the house only for the curled-under style to revert back to its annoyingly straight, natural self a few hours later. But I had no such complaint about Got2b's Glam Force Spray Gel. Unlike hairspray or aforementioned vintage hair gels, the product doesn't leave a noticeable film so you'll have no trouble convincing your friends that you woke up like this - with a perfectly-styled barnet.

Additionally, as I've been blessed with very fine hair (thanks mum), I found spraying the product on my damp hair worked in my favour and gave me the volume I've long pined for. While I'll find it hard giving up the hair spray for good, I'm determined to form a strong, lasting bond with Got2b's Glam Force Spray Gel.

Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

When it comes to styling my barnet it's a case of less steps the better. I mean, anyone else miss the days when 'scrunching' was in fashion and all that was needed to create banging beach waves was a palm full of mousse and some strong 'scrunching' action with your hands? I certainly do. Well ladies it's time to rejoice because Got2b's Glam Force Spray Gel is the next best thing for creating slick beach waves in your bedroom that stay with minimal effort.

​I was so impressed by how soft this product left my mane when it dried, without even having to blow dry it. Yes, the word 'gel' may be a bit scary and fill you with with visions of those Sonic the Hedgehog-spiked hairs Gareth Gates et al made famous but the reality is nothing like that. There's no signs of a wet, gloopy finish, just a super shiny 'do that will last. The spray bottle makes for an even application too meaning you're not with with any thick clumps. You've Got2b crazy (sorry) if you don't give this gel spray a go.

We will be giving 20 Got2b Glam Force Spray Gels away this week on Experts Club.

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Victoria Williams
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