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Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Blow-Dry Spray

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Blow-Dry Spray

Nothing beats the perfect blow dry. It can take you from feeling dull and drab to fierce and fabulous in 30 minutes flat, but the luxury of having someone do this mundane task for you comes with a hefty salon price tag. Thankfully, professional haircare brand Kenra Platinum has created the ultimate Blow-Dry Spray which promises to reduce drying time, tame frizz, provide heat protection and leave hair tangle-free, soft and smooth - all for £5.99. We put it to the test...

  1. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  2. · Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor
  3. · Lareese - Editor
  4. · Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

Anyone who knows me well knows that drying my hair is my absolute least favourite task. OK, maybe hoovering and taking the bin out tops it but I still strongly dislike it. You may be thinking, 'Hey, if you hate drying your hair so much why not just let it air dry?'. No can do I'm afraid. This hair locks in water like it's been thirsty its whole life meaning I can go to bed with damp hair and wake up with, you guessed it, not just damp but frizzy hair. Blow-drying is just something I have to do and if that means I have to use the excuse 'Sorry I can't make it, I'm drying my hair' then so be it.

As I'm forever on the look out for something that makes drying my hair a little less tedious, I was excited to try out the new Kenra Platinum Blow-dry Spray. Reduce drying time, protect my hair AND prevent frizz? Yes please. I found it worked best when I sprayed a small amount in to my hands and then ran it through my wet hair before drying so I could ensure it was spread evenly throughout. My hair dried quicker than usual meaning my arm didn't ache and I was left with soft, frizz-free hair that smelt like I'd just left the hairdressers. Now I need to think of a new excuse to not go out...

Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor

Having been blessed with fine hair that doesn't grow further than my shoulders without looking like rats' tails, the luxury of a salon blow-dry is not something that's ever really appealed to me. I always find it's styled too flat or leaves me resembling Hairspray's Tracey Turnblad - neither of which are good looks. But I'm all too aware of the damaging effects years of heat exposure are having on my thin lob and it's only really now I've started to take onboard hairdressers' advice to always use a heat protector when applying any sort of heat to my roots (late to the party, I KNOW).

That's my main reason for wanting to road test Kenra Platinum's Blow-Dry Spray - it boasts quicker drying time, too, but seeing as mine is a 10-minute job it's not much of an inconvenience. As it's a spray, I expected the consistency to be more mist-like when it's in fact more similar to an oil - heavy enough to tame the frizziest of manes without weighing the hair down - so I did get a bit spray happy and ended up running too much product through my lengths which did leave a greasy finish in parts. However, I'm happy to report on my second use I was a lot less liberal and able to appreciate the full heat-protecting powers of the product. My hair felt healthier and shinier than it has after using many other pre blow-dry sprays and for that reason it's worth the (very reasonable) price tag.

Lareese - Editor

I'm useless with my hair and no, I promise this isn't a case of modest me just being modest. The other day I tried to use heated rollers to get a salon-worthy blow dry at home and by the time I *thought* I had finished, I looked like that scene out of Something About Mary. Kinks in all the wrong places, so it's safe to say I'm as rubbish at styling my hair as I remember. Salon blow-dries are therefore my saving grace but you know, they're about £40 a pop and ain't nobody got time or funds for that, so at this stage I'm willing to try just about any alternative.

I've never used a blow-dry spray before nor a heat protectant spray - I put that down to the fact that I'm normally an air-dry girl, a pin-it-up-and-hope-for-the-best kinda girl. So again, I think this little spray and I are a very good match, on paper. Where do I swipe right, please?

On first use I got over excited and spritzed it all up over my crown, through the ends, everywhere - it was essentially a baptism. Then I realised the blow-dry spray was actually more of a serum than a mist formula. Rookie error. With that I thought 'well I can't undo that so I'll just add some more'. I squirted a few more pumps into the palm of my hand and made sure that sweet nectar reached my parched ends. It was quite obvious mid-blow dry that I had in fact got a bit spritz-happy and my hair felt a little heavy and tacky. In my defence, the product smells really good so I challenge you not to get over zealous, too.

Despite the fact that my clean hair looked a little greasy, the product was great for taming my frizzy tresses, I put that down to the silky formula. If you want a good hair week then give it a whirl, just make sure you don't end up wearing half the bottle.

Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

IMHO having long hair is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you can play with it, flick it and hide underneath it, and a curse because well, it takes a hundred years to dry. As it's naturally thick and wavy, air drying is only a feasible option at the weekend when I don't actually have to see people because frizz, so a weekly blow dry is a must for me. Having abused the bleach bottle, I vow only to use hair products with in-built heat protection to protect my hair from frazzling any further, so the fact that Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray boasts this very benefit appealed to me.

I know some girls prefer mists or products with a lighter consistency, but my hair is hella thirsty so I always opt for thicker ones or oil instead so I was pleasantly surprised this product is exactly that - my hair soaked it up like a sponge leaving it soft, silky and frizz free as a result. Girls with hair that gets greasy quickly like me should avoid putting this through the roots at all costs though - a mistake I made the first time I tried it; it works much better as a blow drying treatment for the ends. While it didn't reduce the drying time, it did leave my hair in great condition so for that reason I'm sold. Welcome to my blow drying routine Kenra Platinum, I reckon you and my tresses will have a beautiful future together.

We will be giving away 100 Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Sprays away to our Experts Club testers this week!

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Victoria Williams
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